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Thread: Microsoft unveils the new Xbox

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    Default Microsoft unveils the new Xbox

    Xbox One Announced - IGN

    Xbox One Will Not Function Without Kinect Attached - IGN

    What are your thoughts on the new Xbox? Did they knock one out of the park? Or did they crash and burn?

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    The whole Kinect thing is unfortunate, but I'm really excited about the cloud hosting capabilities for online gaming. Having dedicated servers instead of hosts will be great, and sorely needed I might add. I like the look of it, but I'll have to test it for myself before I can say whether it is a winner.

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    And It might use an online pass type system to restrict used games. Xbox One Is Not Always Online, But Seems To Restrict Used Games [UPDATE]

    Looks like it's Nintendo, PC, and retro gaming for me from here on out. I'll take a wait and see approach with the PS4. Nintendo might make some really stupid decision (I.E. region locking the Wii U and 3DS) but they seem so much more sane and consumer friendly than Microsoft right now. All i know is that if Microsoft doesn't backpeddle on this before launch we may very well see the video game crash of 2013 escalate to 1983 proportions.

    Disregard above an update says Microsoft will allow people to trade in and play used games on the next Xbox, more details coming later. Something smells fishy and I wouldn't be surprised if MS did implement something to combat used game sales.

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    8 Core CPU
    64 Bit
    500 GB HDD
    8 GB RAM
    USB 3.0
    Wi-Fi direct
    Blu-Ray Drive
    HDMI In/Out
    -The Xbox One will NOT be backwards compatible with the 360 / original Xbox games. No word on games from Xbox Arcade.

    I've got to say I was fairly disappointed. The backwards compatibility is a feature I wanted to see. I can understand why the PS4 isn't having it, considering what a nightmare I heard it was to optimize games for the PS3 architecture, but it seems like the entire new wave Wii U / PS4 / Xbox one is doing away with it.

    As for new games, they've promised to release more game details at E3, but so far, most of their games listed are EA sports games like NBA 13, Madden 14, UFC, etc and Forza; I didn't see anything that would attract me to the system. I do not care one iota about social media on my game systems or making the Xbox a new one stop source for entertainment and routing all TV/DVD/gaming whatever through the Xbox.

    I think they missed the mark. What they should have done was present the specs, the price, and a lineup of new and interesting games that intrigue players... not 'here's the same games that come out every year, but you need to pay for new hardware this time'.

    Maybe I missed this part, but did they say anything about dev? Xbox Arcade had a poorly realized indie dev section (that arguably MS did its best to see that no games on it would ever really succeed, including discontinuing support for XNA) and to be completely honest, I've been following a lot more kickstarter indie games then AAA future titles. I think its going to be a boon time for the PC market and Steam in the next few years; if not some interesting stuff may come from incumbents like that Ouya, but I'm still skeptical there as well.
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    I need a new BluRay player soon, so I'll probably grab one next summer. Ability to watch TV through it is nice too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RetrieverPup View Post
    I need a new BluRay player soon, so I'll probably grab one next summer. Ability to watch TV through it is nice too.
    Yeah, waiting a little bit lets them iron out the bugs, and I'll bet there will be a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RetrieverPup View Post
    I need a new BluRay player soon, so I'll probably grab one next summer. Ability to watch TV through it is nice too.
    1. Blu-ray players can be had for less then 70 dollars, easily. Either that or get a PS3 on black friday for like 200 USD or more likely 150 USD. It has some good exclusives and PS4 isn't able to play PS3 games due to x86 CPU's being radically different then whatever the Cell was using.

    2. your TV can already play... TV. Weird, right?

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    I wish there would have been more news on the games coming out for it. If I remember right they said there was over 15 new Ip's coming and 8 were exclusive, that's what I really wanted to see not a guide channel and that underwhelming EA trailer.

    I still like the console but it hasn't wowed me just yet. I can't wait for E3.

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    I dunno about this console. Personally, I don't see this as an improvement to the XBox 360, but more as a step backwards.

    I know that it kinda goes without saying when it is Microsoft who owns XBox, but they're shifting it WAY too hard towards social media than it is towards games.

    Again, that's just me. I just don't see anything appealing about it.

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