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    The pacifiers holders and clips are only are an accesory or they take more advantage??

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    I have beaded clips that I ordered with my pacis from pacifiersrus. They are custom made to match the pacis I ordered. I use mine every night. They come in handy
    if your paci falls out it's easy to find it and put back in.

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    I just use string or whatever hangs from my jumper when I sleep.

    I know, original 'aint it? :P

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    i use paci clips all the time, it keeps them from falling on the floor :3

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    The paci clips as stated hold the pacifier when not in your mouth (dropped or otherwise). Clips are preferable rather than hanging them on a string or ribbon around your neck as babies can get strangled with looped items like that. The clip will at most just pull off if forced.

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    I love my pacifier clips, it's great for bedtime or if I'm playing and don't want to lose my pacifier or drop it on the floor.

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    I use pacifier clips a lot myself, i can spit out my paci without using my hands and it wont hit the ground.

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