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    Is there such a thing as a molicare super plus cloth-like? I ordered some thinking they were plastic backed and after I got charged it says soft cloth like... They haven't arrived yet...anyone?

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    I just started wearing Molicare, so I'm not an expert. But I don't think they come in a cloth version.

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    Yes they do! These are my favorite diapers, but they can be a bit expensive. I really like the leg cuffs combined with leak guards. They hold a number of wettings and don't leak in any position.
    Anyways, here's the link:
    Molicare® Premium Soft Super Absorbent Incontinence Briefs - Diapers & Briefs - Adult Incontinence | Diaper Buys
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    Bronie, that is the 'super', not the 'super plus'. I use the super version as well for my bedwetting and they are 'super' indeed. But they are bad for re-wettings: if I wet twice, they tend to leak.

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    the 'super plus' are a plasticky outer.
    MoliCare® Super Plus

    as you can see from the UK distributor, the spuer plus are a bit less costly than the 'soft' versions, so it may worth you settling your mind with a comparison of prices (and claimed absorbacnies) from whom you ordered.

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    I think they make a cloth like diaper but their white not purple.

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