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    I recently came across something that made me wonder how many people who are forced into diapers by medical problems come to enjoy them. I'm not expecting any hard percentages, more along the lines of estimates from people who have frequented communities that deal with incontinence. I also wonder if it might vary along lines of sex and age but that's probably too specific for something that's going to be very general and anecdotal. Having put in all these expected caveats, does anyone have any experience with this?

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    I think there is quite a few people who came to enjoy wearing diapers despite incontinent, probably quite a few of fellow users. I can be an example. To the point, that actually, with having continence partially back, I still wear maximum protection (i.e. all-in-ones during the day, while pull-ups would be enough)...

    I do however appreciate the possibility to occasionally wear slightly more discreet protection.

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    I think there are alot of IC people out there who enjoy diaper. I've been in and out of diapers my entire life due to bowel issues. During my teenage years I started to enjoy wearing. They are comfortable for me and they help me manage my bowels.

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    I`m kinda on and off with the enjoyment side, if I was lucky enough to have had a dry night or two I might wear a diaper during the day for pleasure. If I have wet my diapers for a few nights I tend to get fed up with wearing them to a point where I might not go to bed while weraring one. I know that this is often a big mistake, I have blown up a few electric blankets over the years by being fed up with diapers and being a lazy kitty.

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    I can imagine it being the same as having to cope with any other disability. The problem with this one is that it is visible and people can smell/hear/see it (especially if you're not exceptionally careful). People, I imagine, go through a grieving process of realizing that they are diaper-bound for at least the foreseeable future.

    They might be in denial, and try to go without the protection, which will inevitably lead to accidents and continued disappointments. They may be angry with their predicament and take it out in various ways, like getting emotional or irritated at medical professionals who are unable to help or at an insurance company that might be unwilling to cover a needed treatment or the likes. More likely though, they will show the anger by other means, like being angry at themselves for not being able to control their issues or by being irritable with people that they care about and interact with on a daily basis.

    People can also be in a stage of bargaining, where they simply pray or plea that the issue goes away on its own. That can get you lost in a bunch of "if only I could have a little bit of control" or "what if there was some miracle pill?" and the like. Next there's depression, which I imagine most people with incontinence experience at some point over the whole ordeal. I mean, it's pretty depressing to think that you'll never be able to control your bladder/bowels and that you will forever have to wear diapers or risk worse, even more embarrassing problems.

    However, I'd imagine that most people eventually get to a stage of acceptance. Whether they truly enjoy wearing diapers or not is debatable. I'd imagine most people would give them up in a second if it meant they could get control back. Of course, there will always be exceptions to that, and we as ABDLs would certainly be ones to keep wearing diapers even if we regain control, lol. I just don't know how many people would truly 'convert' to liking diapers through simply having to wear them, or if they're really just making the best out of what is generally a bad situation.

    Then again, grief is a cycle, and it tends to run it's course a few times; even if you've already reached the point of acceptance, that doesn't mean you won't get angry or depressed about it again!

    Overall though, I am curious to see how many people would actually start liking diapers and really would keep their interest in them even if you they did regain continence. I'd imagine there are some, whether they were ABDLs before the ordeal or not.

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    EXCELLENT post!

    100% in agreement with you in every way. The 'History' and experiences, feelings and all, ya nailed it!

    While I'm NOT happy about being IC-challenged, I'm DAMN grateful for modern day diapers, and IC care products! It's insurance, for when I do go out into the public. One (slightly), less worry.

    Now, if I managed to regain control? I wouldn't wear them any more. The money, hassle, et al.


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    Over the years, I have belonged and contributed to a number of forums for incontinent people.

    Many people who are living with incontinence resent people who wear diapers for fun. Those who are young enough that people don't expect them to be incontinent and those who are healthy enough not to look disabled fear that people will classify them as ABs and not believe that they really need to wear protection. Because these feelings of resentment and fear are widespread among people who are genuinely incontinent, any discussion of enjoying diapers is taboo on boards that cater exclusively to people who are incontinent. However, many people state that diapers allow them to go about leading a nearly normal life and that they value the comfort and security that diapers provide.

    In my own case, I became incontinent as the result of a surgical mishap when I was 14 years old. From the very beginning, I enjoyed the stimulation that diapers provide and found them to be an addictive sexual outlet. However, these feelings also led to guilt feelings; and it took me a long time to accept that it was OK to enjoy the diapers that I need to wear.

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    Where do I start... First, I'm answering, since I enjoy diapers, sometimes at least.

    spddan hit it already pretty well. In the beginning or at some point (again also) you're automatically in a stage of denial. You're just asking yourself why it is that way and you don't want it to be that way. Although it's sometimes more about the problem itself. Having no control about your bladder alone, i.e. losing urine uncontrollable anytime and anywhere, is something that is just... dirty for most people. It's in general a big problem in our society that this is seen this way, while the fact that incontinence is getting a bigger and bigger problem over time.
    Besides that it doesn't really matter how much support you may get, it's simply not acceptable in your own head. Although it's getting worse on the other hand if your insurance starts to cut down every little thing they have to pay apparently. Furthermore you feel also very much ... left in the lurch. Just like: your problem, we can't fix it, so deal with it, period.

    Anyway, in the end most really do anything to not have to wear any protection at all... who would do that anyway? Wearing diapers... I'm no baby! I did it myself, trying to go atleast for permanent catheter and botox+ISC (intermittent self-catheterisation).
    On the other hand there are some operations... surely, gladly to some degree. But... incontinence is a symptom. And this is where it starts to get complicated and frustrating. If no one is able to fix the cause, i.e. the disorder/illness/and so on.
    In the end trying to fix purely the symptom is still kinda... useless. It works in some cases, but mostly it's a 50/50 chance or worse.
    And all this get's you again in some kind of grief... and maybe denial... desperation and as already mentioned depressions. Though they're mostly not that... horrible, I have to say. But I guess it depends on the person.

    Ultimately at some point you'll accept it more or less, somehow. You'll arrange with everything.

    I've gone kinda offtopic, I think, sorry... so for me personal it's still a kind of hate and love. it simply depends. Although I'm pretty fine, mostly, I'd still just throw them away if I could. I can't say if I maybe would stick to them again for fun in the end. This may surely be possible, but atleast for a big time I would waive ;).

    What got me to the point of liking time, in certain situations is simply because of 2 loveable persons, my ex girlfriend and still a very good friend and my actual boyfriend.
    Simply put, they're very comforting and never had a problem with it in general. Even better, it developed to a kind of playground... well you know what I mean surely.

    However, with my first boyfriend it has been really a pain, to be honest. However, I think most people will react that way. In the end he forced me to wear as small pads as possible, all the time. (On a side node, I'm still wearing medium pads very often, depending on my clothes. But ultimately I need like 15~/day from them, so... well too much mostly, especially if there's no place to change and to throw them away). And this has never been I reason, why our ways parted...
    We had a lot of fun time together and he has been my puppy love after all.
    And I still consider this a kinda... common reaction regarding IC and I've seen it that way too mostly for myself...kind of. However it's different today.

    I guess being an AB/LG, especially for me, is a really good way of coping. Dealing with the IC in general as nothing would be wrong, while being a little girl. I cannot deny that I really like it and it helped me a lot to accept my problem, though this made me worry a lot too, at first. However, communities like adisc helped me a lot accepting this part of me, at least a little bit ^_-.
    And I always had a rather childish behaviour from time to time, so getting confronted with people that embraced this side of me and also have been very comforting with my IC problems... I guess that's how I developed my AB side in the first place... somehow more or less.
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    1*95986/25462*.24/.00982*10002/222222*.12/4.975 % of people like them. Exact numbers may vary around 99.2% based on those polled.

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