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Thread: I have returned

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    Default I have returned

    Hello everyone, seems I have been gone awhile,long enough for not knowing what really happend to the old place, but I read that Faq so yeah this is the new place huh... Reason I was gone was because you could say I lost my intresst to diapers, I have gotten back but not by much, but still I will be around here for you all, I guess I got other hobbies etc so that got up in my mind instead.
    But its fun to be back and Im gonna look forward to talk with some of you old ones again if I can see who is who now when some of you have changed your name but also the new ones.

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    Hey, I remember you slightly, I think.
    Welcome back man, have a good stay.

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    hey Thanks mate!
    Feels good to be back!

    now If I can only find that old avatar again... ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post

    Welcome back!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey View Post
    EXACTLY... admittedly i ddnt know you all that well. and also i sorta remember you for your avi more than anythng

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    I like the sound of that: "Mugiwara! RAWR!!!"
    hehe can't say i remember you (I'm pretty hopeless with names) but welcome back!

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    Oooh! I remember you! You were here way back when I first joined! I think...

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