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Thread: Caught at work ... FML

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    Default Caught at work ... FML

    Well today got off to a rough start ... before leaving for work i forgot to pick up . replace my usual day time attire ( goodnites ) last night and ended up having to use an bring some of my night attires ( Tranq. ATN's ) with me to work .

    now normally this wouldnt be an issue as the other 2 guys on my crew and 1 manager ( a long time friend ) know about my little condition but i picked up a shift for this morning , being it was a "holiday" here it was easy money.... so i thought.

    the goodnites fit me well and show absolutely nothing in terms of signs of wearing anything out of the ordinary .. the ATN's not so much

    i got assigned to a crew , which turned out to be a lead i know ...but doesnt know about "me" the other 3 guys ive never met but are well known in the company and are pretty high up on the senority list .

    first flight in ( i work at an air port loading/unloading aircraft) i get in the bulk and just as the other guy crawls in behind me he notices my padded butt right away ( this aircraft we were in even if you sat on your butt your head will touch the ceiling ) and calls me out on it
    i think i turned every shade of white before settling on strawberry ...

    before i could get an answer out he does the dick move an shouts it out to the rest of the crew , i remained silent for the remainder of the off load but when i got out one of the other guys had my bag open an confirmed the other guy's accusation ..

    wasnt much i could say or do other than give him flock for opening my bag , at least the lead i was with was sympathetic ... he did try to settle them down but these are the kind of guys that seem to think they need to run off an tell the world to which upon entering the crew room 20 min ago ... they did just that ...

    never in my life have i ever wanted to just break down an cry like i do now ... not sure how the rest of my day is going to go , so far the people i do know an see regularly are just sitting back an ignoring the 3 idiots or coming up to me an asking in disbelief to which i tell them why i do wear

    i dont foresee my self as IC , i do have some control ... just not enough to hold through a couple flights at night i do wet the bed whether i like it or not.

    lets see how the next 6 hrs go ...

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    Depending on your states sexual harassment rules if they make a big deal of it after the lead / manager talked to them you have an HR matter and grounds for a lawsuit. The situation is similar to finding out that the cute secretary only wears thongs and making a big deal of it. What you wear under your clothes is none of their business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLScottsman View Post
    Depending on your states sexual harassment rules if they make a big deal of it after the lead / manager talked to them you have an HR matter and grounds for a lawsuit. The situation is similar to finding out that the cute secretary only wears thongs and making a big deal of it. What you wear under your clothes is none of their business.
    Exactly. What they were doing is against the law. At least here in the States. Its called sexual harassment and they can lose their jobs over a matter such as this. What is under your clothes is none of their business. For all they know you are a prostate cancer survivor. Humiliation is simply not tolerated.

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    First I'd like to say that it really stinks that this has happened to you and its shameful how these guys reacted in such a callous way.

    I wouldn't say its sexual harassment as there isn't any sexual elements to the situation but I would say its either disability discrimination or bullying at work. You say yourself 'just not enough to hold through a couple flights' to me, that sounds like you need them for more than just pleasure.I would also add invasion of privacy as they investigated the contents of your bag.

    I would have a talk with your manager (friend) about this as its easy for us in the forum to rage and scream but its more important that you feel you are protected from any bullsh*t that may follow from this. He'll hopefully also be better at advising you on possible discipline routes.

    one extra thing I would do is write everything down in sequence while its fresh in your mind include names, times, what was said and how you felt at the time.
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    Or you could say that you hurt your back and have been having problems holding urine. They would probably send you to workers comp to get checked out, though.

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    If that happened to me. I would've reported them especially since they went through YOUR belongings.

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    I don't know about reporting this as disability discrimination. Typically there needs to be some proof of that and if you're not IC.... then that might not work, and you would also look really stupid. If you really do have some sort of condition you should make it known that "you didn't want to go to the doctor because of embarrassment reasons." You can just tell them you had some medical condition and it might just go away on its own.

    It's also best not to get fixated on it. If you tell them it's for a medical condition and you don't give it any further notice... it less likely to linger around.

    Mostly you should not worry about it too much. Whats happened has happened, its only causing anxiety to you and the more you worry about it, the more anxiety you are going to experience.

    I don't think I really understand why someone would wear a diaper at work if they didn't need it. It's not appropriate and quite frankly if you are using it and there is any smell... it's disgusting. Unless you need to wear something... don't, sure it might be fun but you can do that at home.

    It's also possible (and for some companies its mandated) that your company has an anonymous complaint line. Usually if they decide to take action it will be nonspecific and will tell people in general that they have to stop harassment at work.

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    I'm in canada so going after someone just for going in my bag won't fly in our courts .

    As for condition I do have some medical documentation about it from an incident a few years ago, instead of being drugged up like a lab rat I choose to try and wear discretely , which has worked out until now.

    I don't wear for pleasure just for the sake of taping one on an prancing around. I wear to help me cope with my little system glitch and be efficient in the job environment I'm in.

    I did go to the manager I know an explained the issue , he is using verbal harassment , work place bullying for disciplinary action towards the 3 from this morning but that's all we have to go on. While we were all sitting in the office dealing with the matter I did openly explain as to why I had to wear protection .

    It's kinda heart wrenching watching the reputation you built on honest hard work get fed to the lions but I'm thankful some of my co-workers are understanding and honest .

    Maybe at least now I can work like I used to an not have to hide and be paranoid all the time.

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    Only a complete ass hole would make fun of someone with a physical disability. Thank god you don't have MS and have trouble getting around! Imagine the hilarity of making fun of someone with cerebral palsy, or terminal cancer!!! There must be a special place in hell waiting for them. I would guess it's the stupid section.

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