Have you ever gone back to an older movie or show and thought:

"I wonder what happened to that childhood actor?"


What happens when you find out that actor is dead?

Untimely. And you never knew.

I did a short review of the TV series and.... well...

I am a passionate person, I do whatever my heart tells me. I follow my heart and my heart told me to write a song, so I did.

The review is here:

Earth 2 TV Series Review - YouTube

And the music video is here:

Stay True Music Video Dedicated to Jessica Madison Wright - YouTube

I will explain the whole thing.... Ever since Earth 2 popped up on Netlix I kept it on the back-burner to re-watch the show. When I did the three characters that really popped out to me were the 2 kids and the father Clancy Brown. I wondered what happened to these two child actors only to find out this:

J. Madison Wright Morris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

By 1999, Madison left her acting career and her family moved back to their home town in Kentucky. After repeated bouts of pneumonia and general ill-health, a chest X-ray revealed that she was suffering from restrictive cardiomyopathy, a condition that required her to receive a heart transplant. The then fifteen-year-old was on the donor waiting list for a short term before she was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic in March 2000, where she received the transplant. Clancy Brown, the actor who played the screen father of Madison's character in Earth 2, led an appeal to raise money to cover the medical insurance costs that the Wrights were struggling to cope with.


Just as her academic life flourished, her social life did as well. On July 8, 2006, Madison married Brent Joseph Morris, a University of Kentucky medical student. The couple honeymooned in Hawaii for two weeks. A day after she returned, Madison fell ill and was admitted to the University of Kentucky Medical Center where she died on July 21, 2006 of a heart attack, only eight days shy of her twenty-second birthday. Her funeral was held at Corinth Baptist Church in London, Kentucky, the same church she was married in, before being buried at A. R. Dyche Memorial Park.