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    I am wondering if anyone has experience with the sizing of gap boys underwear.
    They come in some really cute prints.
    On the US website it says the xxl size goes from 14-18, although this is a generalized sizing chart for all of their clothing.
    Would they fit a 30" waist well? I read on a blog that they might run large.
    And by fit, I don't mean how some people can squeeze into baby diapers.
    I want these for everyday use.
    Are the xxl the equivalent of a size 18-20 hanes or ftl?

    Here is a link to what I am talking about (not affiliated):
    Animal underwear (7-pack) | Gap

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    I normally wear boys size 16-18 underwear, and can but don't normally wear boys 14-16 (bought several pairs of the Hanes print briefs a few months back and that was the largest size they came in. They're just like little kid print briefs.)

    I don't have any experience with GAP clothes, but I would think that if you can wear a size 16-18 boys, then they should fit ok. By looking at the measurements on the waist (29") they'd fit me OK.

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    You people and your small sizes...

    I'm actually smaller now then when I graduated high school...height from a few bad discs...

    But, I'm still a size 36 jeans...that is with my I myself are about a 34"

    Still weight 230-240 and 6' tall...

    I wish sometimes I was smaller....but can only dream!


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    Gap tends to run a little small, and their xxl size is the same as 14 by other brands (aka not that big). I have bought lots of the for the prints, but I can't wear the as normal underwear, only as a game (same as toddler pull ups which fit, but are not that comfy).

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