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    I've been a diaper lover since I could remember. While I am still in the closest and wish to remain that way for I am a very private person. I do believe some family members atleast suspect somethings up because there have been times where I have told them I needed them. I've told them that I have needed them because of scripts that I have been givin by doctors that have been diaretics and It would be safer to wear them then to try and make it to the bathroom in time to prevent an accident. There was also a time where I have told them I needed them after surgery because I couldn't get to the bathroom in time. For me diapers are about comfort and I know when I have been under a lot of stress, for some reason just putting one on seems to melt it away and even for a few hours I can forget about what ever is stressing me at the moment. I do highly doubt that I'll post much, but I just wanted to introduce myself.

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    Welcome, Flobaby!
    May I ask what brings you to Adisc? Apart from the diapers of course!
    What do you get up to in your spare time?
    Sorry if I am asking too many questions. Even if you don't post much, just enjoy looking around the forum!

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    I suppose what brought me here was some curiosity and to see what others have to say and to see that they have the same feelings as I, that its really not unique no matter what the "mainstream" world thinks. As for what I do in my spare time. I am a graphic designer for work and spare time I have a woodshop where I tinker around. You?

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