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Thread: (Aus) Status of Totty Bots?

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    Question (Aus) Status of Totty Bots?


    New poster here, but been reading for a while. Wondering if anyone knows the status of the Australian supplier, Tottybots? Their website has been closed for some time now, and last time I used them they offered friendly service despite a few Australia Post problems.


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    They've packed up shop / closed down / gone out of business / whatever you want to call it.

    Edit: Now I have some free time to elaborate more.

    The business was run by an older couple living in NSW who still had day jobs. This was their side-business, and quite frankly, they couldn't maintain it.

    As you mentioned they did have some issues with Australia Post. A shipment of mine got misdirected to Adelaide. After complaining, they sorted it out and reposted it... a month later. Kept giving me excuse after excuse, saying they were working, or that they were waiting for the shipment to return, etc. From what I've read elsewhere, this is not a unique example.

    They were apologetic, but had very poor communication and customer service. Kept telling me they'd send them out, and twice refused to issue me a refund when I asked.

    In the weeks leading up to the closure, there was a bit of negative word-of-mouth going around and I guess it lost them a lot of business.
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    Oateson, thanks for the elaboration. I never had any issues with their service. A shame to hear about your poor experience. I don't suppose that there are any other ways to get ABDL products locally, rather than having them shipped in from overseas? Thanks again.

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