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    Sorry for the random request but I could really use a couple of proof readers because I'm picking back up on my story finally. So... If you would like to give it a short or just have tons of freaking time to waste. PM me and I'll get you the first part of the story ASAP.

    So yea, I need like the whole works. Spelling, grammar, your opinion on certain things. What you think should be described in detail more, how the scenes move along, etc.



    ===This story contains Furry and Gay content===
    The war for love and peace is a tough one. Everyday we wake up we battle for our lives against other people and things unknowingly. But, as in all wars, life goes on. Many people learn how to protect their loved ones and even themselves against forces that would try to put them to deathly silence. The path of love is never straight. It curves through bumps, nooks, and turns as it makes it's way through our lives. In this story you will find that two people, slightly different than everyone else, try to live their lives in the violent world they live in.

    Best I could do right now. Terrible at summaries.
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    You think that would help? XP

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