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    I just bought a new LP traditional pro (which I am in love with by the way) and it has grover locking tuners. Can anybody give me advice on how to string the high E string?

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    Leave enough length of string to reach past the post, clamp and wind. The extra wraps on the post will help increase the 'break angle' and add string pressure to the nut slot, adding sustain and tuning stability. Stretch each string as you install it and it will be easier to bring them all UP to pitch during final tuning

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    Definitely make sure to stretch new strings. It helps with tuning stability because the string is stretched to the length it will become when under tension (or, it's final length). A lot of people I know don't use the stretching method and wonder why they always go out of tune for about a week after they install new strings, and that's because it takes longer for the string to stretch to it's final length and the pitch is always changing as the string lengthens.

    Another bit of advice, don't overdo it on the number of winds around the string post. I know you have locking tuners, but this is just good measure for any guitar. Too many winds actually has a negative effect on tuning stability. This is because some winds overlap each other and have a tendency to slip or shift. This causes the string to become less tense and that puts you out of tune. On my les paul I use a method of locking the string in (On non-locking tuners) and I use 3 wraps on the Low E, 2 on the A, 3 on the D, and 3 or 4 on the G B & E strings. My les paul never goes out of tune, and that pretty good for a Cort knock off that I paid $60 for.

    And finally, use lubricant on any contact points. I lubricate the Bridge saddles, Nut and string trees on my guitars so that I never have tuning stability issues. Using the methods above, I've even managed to keep my squier stratocaster tremolo in tune, and that's quite a feat in itself.

    Pm me if you have any questions. I've spent the last 6 years of my life building and setting up guitars and basses. I could probably point out some pretty helpful resources if you're interested.


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