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Thread: Near Death Experiences

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    Question Near Death Experiences

    Anyone have any near death experience? Like moments where you could have died and such? I will share mine first : P

    I inhaled "BRONZE POWDER" and not the kind that is just powder colored bronze, this was the real deal with literal bronze in it. My sinuses were killing me and I had a bonesplitting migrane and I threw up, I nearly passed out but luckily I found a sink to wash my mouth and nose out in. The pain in my sinuses was so intense I nearly passed out again and then I started getting the chills and I had to stay in bed for about two days.

    My other one is when a angry Red Sox fan tried to drive me and my brother off of the road, because we passed him. And he kept on following us repetidley trying to drive us off of the road, until we lost him in a residential neighborhood.

    Well share yours now!

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    Once when I was born.

    Then again when I inhaled some phosphate crap. << could not breath for a min and a half.

    The Again a few years ago when I almost got hit by a car doing 60MPH on my bike. (Stopped a few inches from me.)

    Then again infront of my friends house Again by a truck doing 50MPH

    Then I almost got my neck broke by falling 5 feet into a concreat ditch and landed on my head and solder.

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    Oh I forgot one!

    When I was a baby I choked on a little toy, luckily my brother alerted my mum or I wouldnt be here typing this.

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    A one time I nearly fell off the boat close to the pier...

    Once I nearly got 230V 16A through my heart. (thank you insulating shoes)...

    Other then that I don't really think I have had any other then the few car accidents I was almost in.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm not sure if it counts, but there's a big chunk of time missing from my memory when I was a kid. I figure that *something* must have happened, I just have no idea what.

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    You were murdered Dundundun!!!!!!!! OMFG
    Joking aside.

    Flew over handle bars of my three wheeler when I had a sudden stop going 20 :3 That was fun though.

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    Was out in the ocean, somewhat deep once. I doubt it was a rogue wave, but I turned around and it felt like a baseball bat made of water slammed me in the face. My facemask and snorkle were torn off my head, I got slammed under the water, I got a mouth and half a lungful of water, and gritty sand or something blasted into my eyes.

    I started blindly swimming and swimming for the surface, and just as I thought I might run out of air, I punch a rock and almost break my hand. Then, as a high pitched whining starts in my head, I realize i've been swimming down and not up. With a final effort, I grab the rock with my other hand, pull myself onto it, brace my feet against it, and rocket towards the surface.

    I launch out of the water breathing in more liquid than air, cough it out as I bob up and down a bit, and manage to water-crawl my way back to the beach, which I crawl up, and then collapse on my towel.

    I'm awoken an undetermined amount of time later, to a sunburnt back, a few kicks, and "Where the fuck is the swimming shit?" due to the stuff I lost when the water-bat hit me....... such is the story of my life. Even then the stuff I had was worth more than I was to the people around me.

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    Harano, never underestimate the force of the water. Take a second to try and find what's up and down. And last but not least, open your eyes so if you see the amount of light dim or brighten. If it dims head the other way and if it brightens keep on going. (the last is the most important, your eyes will survive it, They'll do perfectly well actually. Nothing will harm them. But it's the easiest way of finding up and down under water in the sea.

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    I all most walked off a roof I was walking backwards putting plates down. I was doing rubber roffing. The fall would have been 60 feet if some one did not see me I wound not be writing this right now

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    When I was 14 I walked out in front of a car that was doing about 40 mph. I don't know why I did. I remember that the sun was shining in my eyes, and the next thing I knew I was in this place surrounded by light. It was laying down in bed and I was completely at peace. The next thing I knew was that I came to in the middle of Rt. 37 with both my tibia and fibula broken, as well as a big dent in my head.

    The next near death experience was in 1985 when I had a bleeding ulcer. It was a Sunday so I went to MedChoice, a place which sees people on an emergency basis. My own doctor was in attendance at the time. He diagnosed me with a bleeding ulcer and made arrangements for me to go to the hospital. As they were taking me out in a wheel chair, I passed out. The next thing I knew, I was going into the tunnel of light. Again there was this tremendous feeling of peace, and I saw my parents and grandparents at the end of the tunnel. As I approached I began to reverse directions, and then I was conscious back in the wheel chair. My doctor put me into intensive care. I received several units of blood, and they had to do an endoscopy two times before the bleeding would stop.

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