View Poll Results: If they made a "Huggies Pull Up" for adults reminiscent of the ones from the 80's, would y

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  • Heck yea! It would be totally nostalgic!

    5 55.56%
  • No, I like the newer colored ones with the characters better.

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  • I don't like pull-ups :/

    3 33.33%
  • Don't care

    1 11.11%
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Thread: Hi! Im new here

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    Default Hi! Im new here

    Hi. So I dont know where to start. Im definitely new to this website so Im still getting used to it.

    I would not consider myself an AB or DL to any serious extent. But to putit simply, I love diapers. I love the bulky feel, I love sleeping in them and...well you get the picture I'm sure. My favorite diaper style has always been the pull-up (Im looking for an adult sized one that resembles the kids pull ups from the 80s-Early 90s) There's actually a story behind that, so you can ask me later if you wish.

    Other than that I am a guitar player and I love music. I can talk about it all day. I am a college grad in business but hope to do something with recording in the future. I love to cook and I love food, need I say more? I also love to read and meditate.

    I believe that my main goal is to find other like minded people like myself who have this interest. This is a part of myself that I am slowly learning to embrace and stop running away from it. I would also love to share ideas. I also would like to hear other peoples stories as well to help me realize that Im not alone in this desire.

    Anyway. Thats my two to connect with this community.

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    Sorry that the title of the poll cut off. the question was:

    If they made a "Huggies Pull up" for adults that were reminiscent of the ones from the 80s, would you buy it/wear it.

    If you dont know what that looks like, this is from an old ad that I found online.

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    Welcome to ADISC! I myself love everything retro and know as much about the 80's as my dad and I wasnt even born until '92. I play the keytar/synthesizer and collect vinyl records. I also produce Mix tapes. What kinds of music do you enjoy?

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    Welcome to Adisc! Always great to have more guitar players here, what kind do you play? what style?

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    I enjoy mostly rock. But I listen to just about anything I can get my hands on. I also collect vinyl records. I have a small collection, but its a huge pastime for me. For me music is an infinite rabbit hole of possibilities.

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    @BabyTommy I play electric and acoustic. As far as styles, well right now I dont have a particular style that I play. I just play whatever Im in the mood for. But its mostly rock and blues.

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