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Thread: Unique Adult baby product sites

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    Default Unique Adult baby product sites

    I'm writing this because I've had trouble finding a quality list websites that have and sell unique diapers and products for the AB/DL community that can't be found anywhere else.
    I'll offer all I know.

    ABU (Abuniverse) Home Page - The Worlds Best AB/DL Superstore

    Cloth Diapers, Adult Cloth Diapers, Baby Cloth Diapers - Babykins & Kins Products

    Baby Pantz
    Baby Pants, Adult Size Baby Products

    Super Undies
    Potty Training Pants, Potty Training Information, and Potty Training Accessories: Super Undies!™

    our produkts - Buntewindel

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    I'm gonna be lazy and ask if any of these are UK based? Do you know of any UK based ones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanthia View Post
    I'm gonna be lazy and ask if any of these are UK based? Do you know of any UK based ones?
    Cuddlz are UK I believe. They're pretty reliable as well.

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    Someone should put up some sort of list onto the articles area and it could be added on to as these links come up.

    From there it could be categorized by country and whatever else that would keep an organized reference to these websites. We also can add descriptions of what they sell.

    Sometimes I come across a link to a website that has something that sparks some interest and when I think about it again, I can't find the link again.

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    Dont forget under the SuperUndies brand is Superundies for Adults Run by the same company that makes SuperUndies. Same Styles just in bigger sizes.

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    This is just an Ebay store but they have really good/unique AB clothing.


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