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Thread: its hard to wet

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    Default its hard to wet

    i have been trying to relax and enjoy the feeling of a wet diaper, but i have been having a hard time starting the flow and keeping the flow going once i start any tips or will it just become easier.

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    Your going against something you've been trained not to do just give it time and it will be easier. Try sitting down or even sitting on the toilet to get some natural feeling to trick your body. Good luck and happy wetting!

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    i will defenitly try that, i was trying to do it in bed. however this morning was easier as i stood in the shower and wet. it felt really nice.

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    Yeah it'll take awhile to wet laying down standing and sitting will be easiest just try not to over think about it and let it flow.

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    ...and don't worry about leaks.. Trust your diaper, and even if it were to leak, no big deal really. Keep telling yourself IT IS GOOD TO WET, because goodness me it certainly is that!


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    thanks i just sat on the toilet and it came right out felt amazing. still worried about the depends leaking cant wait to try bambinos.

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    Yes it takes some time for the body to get use to wet the diaper again.

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    Try standing and putting your fingers under running warm water. That always helped me get a flow going.

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    Hi dsmbaby, I think you will quickly learn that using any of the products with a 'Depend' logo on it will indeed leak sooner rather than later, but they are easy/affordable to buy, so for some shorter term wearing and using they should be fine! I enjoy the 'Protection With Tabs' product. Love the plastic.

    The Bambinos you mention, along with other more premium products will allow you to wet more at once, with less risk of leaks, and will also allow you to wet a few times in case you wish to wear for a longer period.

    I say - try as much as you can and find out which you enjoy the most

    Good luck!

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    I still struggle with going while lying down. I can now sit at my computer and just let it flow. Like the others have said.. it's takes time and little steps to teach your body it's ok to wet in a diaper.

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