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    Have any of you tried any diaper-related hypnosis? What were your experiences with it?
    I just tried a couple, they didn't work right away for me, but after a few times through they definitely did.

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    Which ones did you try and how long do they take to wear off? Ive been curious myself to see if hypnosis really works but I'm always ify about going through with it..

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    I tried the "Instant Wetting Extended" and "Wetting Challenge" ones from Warp My Mind. I think it just takes a bit of practice to get into the trance part right, so a lot of people get annoyed and quit before it actually starts to work.

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    Well like I said I tried a couple and they worked for me. It probably depends on the person though. I don't know much about it, but I think hypnosis is effected a lot by how willing you are to accept what it is telling you, so that can make a difference.

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    the ones from socalab have worked for me but it takes a good 6 months or more of nightly use to get it to work

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    The thing with hypnosis is that you have to expect it to work. It works on the principle of expectability, similar to the placebo effect. The more you expect it to work the better it will work. That being said, I think that hypnosis putting you into a 'total regression" state is kind of unlikely. Maybe with an in person, trained, professional hypnotist you could have a shot.

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    I would like to do live sessions with a hypnotist. It does work I have seen it for my own eyes. My first experience was in military they had a safety awareness meeting before a holiday weekend. For fun they used a hypnotist to do a presentation about drunk driving. He asked people to imagine a piece of coal and crush it in there hands into a diamond. Then out of the blue said your hands are locked. A guy sitting next to me was afraid as heck and was embarrassed. The guy said if your hands are stuck you must come to the front. He reluctantly did after one the other guys told him he better go if he can't get his hands apart. It was a fun show. I also got picked as a participant in a hypnosis show in vegas. I dont know why but he wanted me to come up. I remember being on stage and him fiddling with some audio gadget and had the weirdest light headed feeling joined with a warmth all through my face and neck. I know parts of show some things about aliens happening. And toward the end I had to fake it cause I was no longer tranced for some reason. A short time later he must had known cause he said I could go back to my seat.

    To this day I know both these live shows I was at had this audio gadget looked like a radio with dials. I was wondered what it was playing I never heard anything either time, and the first show my hands didn't lock together. I'd like to do a live session for ab training when I'm ready for ab play.

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