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Thread: Bellissimo vs Classico

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    Default Bellissimo vs Classico

    Is one better than the other or is it just personal preference? Are there any noticeable differences between the two?

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    Classico and Bianco are the same. Teddies have a bit more SAP in them but I don't find it a really noticeable difference. Bellissimos are thicker and higher capacity than any of the preceding. Their baseline products are very good, so I find it hard to use a Bellissimo to capacity unless I'm really working at it. I find their taping panel to be less desperate than the baby blocks of the Classico, so I'm okay with them, although I'd more generally prefer a Bianco version of the Bellissimo. As always, samples are the way to go.

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    I love wearing both diapers. As Trevor said, the Bellissimo is a maximum capacity diaper and was designed by Bambino to compete with a Dry 24/7 and Fabine diaper. It holds upwards to five to seven wettings in my personnel experience. I also feel that it is super soft on the inside, even more so than a Classico. Classicos are awesome as an everyday diaper and even for night time use. The Bellissimo is the same with less changing in between. In public, if you were to wear a soaked Bellissimo it would be hard to hide considering how much they swell. As far as price you get more for your money buying Classicos in my opinion. As a sissy I often ask my self which one looks more girlish and I have yet to decide. Either way, both are diapers you should have in your diaper bin if you can afford them.

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    I remember Bellissimo being a bit lower cut than the Classico's I have right now.

    Bellissimo's have a higher capacity and as a result a higher unit price. I find it difficult to use all of the capacity in a Classico in a normal day before I want to change.

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