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Thread: What's the best part of age regression?

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    Default What's the best part of age regression?

    Well I was wondering what most of you think is the best part of age regression (or the best parts). Honestly since I was last on these forums I was more big into the childish stuff and not so much into the diapers and that kind of thing.

    Baby Stuff (Pacifiers, Bottles, etc.)
    Acting like a child
    Childish activities (Coloring, Watching Cartoons)
    The sheer cuteness of it all
    The plushies
    Liking being (or wanting to be) a girl (or don't follow traditional gender roles)
    (Alternative response - Wait? This is a form about diapers??? Wut?)

    Personally I just like all the childish stuff and the AB stuff is really secondary. I could not sleep without my plushies. My room is decorated with Hello Kitty, Pokemon, MLP, Kai Lan, Cartoons, and a bunch of stuff. I wear shirts with Pokemon, MLP, and I love making myself look cute with hello kitty bracelets and my Nyan cat bracelet. I don't subscribe to traditional gender roles at all and most of my friends are girls. Lately I've been getting back into the AB/DL type kind of stuff, but it's really not a main interest of mine.

    I also really like to look at pictures of babies. I volunteer with the mentally disabled and do arts and crafts and coloring with them. I love to read to children and play music and stuff with them, which was the best part of my stay in a children's hospital. I hope be a music therapist and psychologist and work with children and adolescents.

    This is what being childish is for me and why I love this as a lifestyle!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Picture: My ni hao Kai Lan plushie which I snuggle with every night and could not sleep without! (I've tried)

    *** Alright guys what defines you as a child, baby, or otherwise??? ***

    *** Oh yeah guys and use pictures in your responses, I want to see some stuff ***

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    I'm rather like you I suppose. I don't really pad up so much but I absolutely love the 'feel' of regression. I love to roleplay being a cub with my friends and furry family online, I love to play with toys and watch cartoons in a cubby mindset at home... I have a few accessories to really complete that feel like my baby blankies, plushies, and my pacifier, but really the "it" thing for me when it comes to regression is just the wonderful feeling of letting go. Letting go of all the worries of the world and just being a sweet little thing who likes to have fun, color in books, and be looked after... That is what babyfur, AB, regression, etc. is to me.

    Also yeah... It's funny... As much as I like to be an adult child I also really enjoy providing for actual young children. In my line of work I get to help kids all the time and it's rewarding every single time. Probably explains why I like being a caretaker to babyfurs online too :p

    I can share some pictures at some point of some of my cubby kit... Perhaps tomorrow. It's terribly late and I'm falling asleep.

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