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Thread: Do you use Tapatalk for browsing these forums?

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    Question Do you use Tapatalk for browsing these forums?

    Hi there. I'm new here, so I hope this topic is in the right forum!

    When I log in to the forums with my kindle, it suggests Tapatalk for browsing. I can see the appeal of a slimmed down, mobile style interface. However, I notice Tapatalk requires you to create a log in, and that's a big turn off for me. I have about a billion logins all over the web and no real desire to add one more.

    So! Do a lot of you folks use Tapatalk? Would you recommend it or another type of app? Or is regular desktop view the way to go in your opinion?

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    I don't mind using taptalk for some "normal" forums - but the stuff here on adisc I simply don't want to have anywhere outside of my private computer's private no-cache browsing.

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    1. you don't need a login. I didn't have one for over a year of using Tapatalk. I eventually relented but didn't have to.
    2. Tapatalk is extremely easy to work with. there's no harm in trying out the free version and seeing if you like the setup.

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    No, and I hate the number of websites that try to get me to install the app. I have a web browser for accessing websites. I don't need separate apps for websites, ugh. I barely use my Reddit app.

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    As already said above, you don't need to make an account to use tapatalk. You simply login to the forums you want to participate in. I don't have an account. Its very useful on phones. On tablets, not so much.

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    I've not looked at Tapatalk as I use a chrome book or pc whenever I'm on the internet so I don't see me ever needing to use my phone to browse here.

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    I like it and use it on my iphone, as I think its easier than a tiny webpage.
    On my tablet or PC I use regular browser.

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    I use Convo which is based off tapatalk but is free.

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    I used it for a while when I was a mod, but I don't really like the app. It just feels clunky and I was rather offended by the way it pops up on basically every forum on the internet. The "Not Again" dialog is per forum rather than per phone, so I get bombarded by it, which leaves me feeling like this site: I Don't Want Your Fucking App

    Now that I'm not a mod, I just don't bother visiting the site on mobile anymore. Apparently some time between becoming a mod and resigning, a vBulletin/Firefox for Android update made the desktop site perform much worse on my phone, so it's just too much hassle.

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    I've used both tapatalk 1 and tapatalk 2. I prefer tapatalk 1 over the "enhancements" that were put into TT2. however I'm about to start shedding apps that I very rarely use and apps for things that I can just do via the web browser.

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