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Thread: Part mommy, part baby, maybe. Nice to meet you all.

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    Default Part mommy, part baby, maybe. Nice to meet you all.

    1) Hello! Who are you?

    I've never been good at talking about myself, so I'll keep this part short. I'm pretty much just an odd little person who tends to have a lot of interest and enthusiasm in inane things most people don't think twice about. That sounds a little weird but I don't know of how else to put it.

    I'm usually very, very shy, like, run-and-hide-when-the-doorbell-rings shy, but once I get comfortable I really like having long, in depth conversations about any old thing with people.

    2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression)

    I collect pacifiers, and found this site Googling them. I'm fascinated by baby things and I'm thinking of starting a bottle collection soon too. Of course, every time I go into a store I'd like to buy the entire aisle but pacis and bottles are particularly easy to hide and collectible (so many different kinds and colors!) so right now it's limited to those.

    I do use my pacis, and I do like to get into a regressive state, but I'm just a bit more interested in interacting with someone else who is regressive than regressing myself. Most of the time when I have urges to buy baby or childish things it's kind of like "Oh! My theoretical baby would be so cute using that.", you know?

    Maybe I could fit into the role of a Mommy or caregiver? I've daydreamed about it a lot but honestly have no real experience with it. Still, I really like the idea of comforting and caring for someone, being needed and cried after, that sort of thing.

    3) Diapers do not rule our lives! What are your other interests?

    I'm obsessed with drawing and painting. It's my favorite thing. I only just started about three years ago, but I practice constantly because I'm convinced that I suck at it and my big old dream is to stop sucking and actually be a half decent artist some day.

    That's my main hobby, but I have a lot of other interests. I like World War 2 history, oldies music (especially sixties), Xbox, cartoons and cartooning as an art form... and a bunch of other things. I'm kind of fickle with interests, so I really don't know which ones to list and which ones to leave out.

    4) What are you looking for out of this site? What would you love to do here?

    If I actually made some new friendships here, then that would be beyond great, but if not I'll still be happy just to browse the forum and see other people's product reviews and experiences. I can't find many AB sites like this that aren't overtly sexual and I like the community here from what I've seen. Overall I guess I just want to be a part of this place and discuss this interest that I keep a secret with other people who are experiencing similar things.

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    Welcome. It is great to hear you have found a place that makes you feel comfortable. There is so much support and resources on this site for people like us and the advice gained here is worth its weight in gold be it a diaper review or how to tell your S/O you are an ABDL.

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    Welcome Brackle. This is a very informative introduction. I do a lot of arts and craft things also, but actual painting is not my forte. I do model railroading so I have painted a few backdrops but I can hide my mess with detail and depth.

    Again welcome to the group and I hope to see your posts in the future.

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    Welcome to the site Brackle. I have only been here a couple of weeks but I can tell you I have found it very fun and informative. I love arts and crafts too but am not very good at it so I stick to writing. I love paci's and bottles too but more from the oh how cute cant wait to use em aspect

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    Welcome aboard! Great intro, you really put some thought into it.

    I'm like you, shy at first but once I get to know someone I come out of my shell and become a big mouth! I also love love love my paci!

    I see you like 60's music. I'm also quite passionate about 60s/70s songs, and am a Beatles fan. I was lucky enough to attend a Sir Paul McCartney concert a few years back, and he waved to me outside the arena!

    Hope you have lots of fun here!

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    Welcome! I'm new too, but I was tempted to comment on your post here. It sounds like we're the same kind of shy -- I think I can understand where you're coming from. Once I'm friends with someone, I can talk easily.

    I think it's cool that you collect pacifiers. I'm tempted to collect them as well, in addition to bottles. There's just so many different styles and designs, and I have such a weakness for cute things. Perhaps sometime you would be willing to share pictures of your collection? Or thoughts on your favorite brands or styles?

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    Welcome to ADISC, Miss Brackle! I absolutely love that you collect pacifiers! I wouldn't call myself a collector by any means but I do absolutely love seeing unique paci designs and getting them when I can. I've always joked about finding a way to open a custom print pacifier store for the AB community.

    On the topic of regression and care taking, I think it's wonderful that you feel an interest in both sides of the diaper bag. I, myself, have found myself almost equally playing cub and parent over the years and both are extremely satisfying in their own ways. So much so, very often, that when I am in one role I usually wonder why I would ever switch to the other!

    If you do find yourself in the caretaker shoes I think you will have a wonderful time in the community. It seems there is always need for a CT somewhere and you will find many opportunities to give your love.

    And you're an artist too, huh? I've been drawing cute cubs and other cartoon stuff for a while. I would love to see some of your work! Perhaps we could exchange some ink! I do so love to draw for new friends if I can make time for it!

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