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    I hope what I'm about to say doesn't sound stupid >_> but im sure im not the only one who has ever had those days where you wake up and you just cant see your pretty self.. even though people call you pretty or have said it in the past, i just cant see it some times and i get really self-concious

    I was just wondering (if I am in fact not alone) what do you do to like... keep these thoughts away and re-assert your "prettiness"

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    You're certainly not alone I go through this a lot myself, sometimes it gets really bad and get's me in a really bad depression, but lucky for me I have some of the best friends and support a girl could ask for so it normally only lasts a day or two. It doesn't help that I have low self confidence and a bad self image but when I start feeling low and not so pretty I crank up the music and sing as loud as I can, talk to my friends, blog my problems, open all the windows and just let the sun in!! and oh yeah avoid those mean stinkie lying mirrors!!!!! Those things are the meanest meanies ever!

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    i always threaten my talking mirrors that if they don't say nice things i'll brake their ass!
    if that doesn't work i make them face the wall for a while.... after that they are happy to be compliant.

    after that a half-gallon of my favorite ice-cream always puts a big smile on my face...
    no, i never do that. i just go out and buy some new clothes, yea, that's it! new clothes.... that is what makes me feel pretty... (grin)
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    lolz... /like ^_^

    Anyway... ye, although it's kinda funny/strange for me. Basically in the morning I always feel like I'm looking really ugly, just hideous. But at night I kinda like to look at myself in the mirror. I still wonder why sometimes.

    In the end I tend to ignore mirrors pretty much in the morning and over the day, until I feel fine. Except looking at my hairs, though they also stress me out, kind of, since they're that stubborn, that I can't have the same "haircut" 2 days in a row.
    So it's pretty much "keeping these thoughts away", somehow. If I'm not thinking about it, it's fine... Or if I'm looking in the mirror while still having sleepy eyes, this works too ;)

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    Aw, I know exactly what you mean. There are so many times I see myself as less than beautiful - ugly, in fact. I don't really care what others think, but the self-criticism is always the worst anyway. It's especially tough from an LG perspective, because being a boy always makes it hard to see the pretty little girl underneath. Sometimes I want to see my pretty self in the mirror, and all I see is a boy in a dress. Ugh!

    When I'm feeling down, I close my eyes. I stop thinking about what I actually look like, and think about who I know myself to be. In my mind, I see Matilda (my LG name), giggling and waving her long hair. I see her running, skipping, absolutely carefree and joyful. She doesn't need to be told she's pretty; she KNOWS she's pretty, and doesn't care one bit what others might say. I just imagine my little side in all her beauty, that idealized little girl I'd love to become. Then I remember she's always part of me, and so is that prettiness! Like everyone else has said, it doesn't matter what the mirror says. Beauty is inside.

    And I bet this would work from a big person perspective, too. Think about who you are. Think about the amazing person you are, not what some other person might say. Beauty is inside, and then it shines through. Choose to believe you're lovely, and it will come through!

    I once read a quote from Richard Simmons (stop laughing) that made a lot of sense to me. He said, "God doesn't make junk". And that's the truth - you're wonderful the away you've been made. You are beautiful - choose to believe it, and the whole world, you included, will know it's true!

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    I understand and have been there support all around we all have they those days, I was taught an important thing recently though to help on those which is to relabel it, re-attribute it, refocus on the positive and release the negative.

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    I feel like this sometimes, but after doing it for a while I feel better about it and I imagine myself little and pretty. Give it some time and you may see yourself as being pretty. I hardly look in the mirror myself as it will be a big let down for me if I really saw what was there, for me it is all in a state of mind.

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    I just read everyones responses and its such a relief to know im not alone haha xD recently i went to a play party dressed as a girl and everyone made me feel pretty and was very supportive, and as a result it made me see myself as pretty in the mirror ^_^ i guess its about attitude, but i need to find a way to see myself as pretty on the days where my attitude is shit LOL.

    Though i saw something the other day that said we have such a messed up perception of ourselves because the only time we see ourselves is in a reflection or recording and if we were to run into ourselves on the street we wouldnt recognize us because of this view we have about ourselves that is completely wrong. lol the human mind is a tricky bastard.

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    i know that feeling all too well, everyone thinks i'm pretty but i disagree. i kinda have problems because of it. (low self image)

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