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Thread: Dont have my pacifier....

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    Default Dont have my pacifier....

    I am sleeping away for the night, and i dont have pacifier here with me. Woah i dont know what to do!!! I feel the urge that i really really want it!!! I am such a addict!!

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    If your that much of an addict then maybe you should leave it for a while, try saving it for weekends, as much as I love my dummy I would hate to get to the point where I couldn't sleep without it!!!

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    I pretty much have to suck my paci to sleep. Having my mouth empty at bedtime just feels too weird. Four years of nightly use will do that to you...

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    I decided to try a pacifier again, Picked up some nuk 3's at the store. I couldn't keep the latex one in my mouth, but the silicone one stays, but seems too small none the less.
    If you are in need of one, the baby ones at the store will do in a pinch I guess.

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    my paci only helps me to relax and fall asleep but I want to use it more often than I do though.

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