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    There is a hypnosis CD on eBay that helps you relax and after using once or a few times it can make you wet your diaper naturally when you go to sleep, I was wondering has anyone tried this and did it work does it really make you wet your diaper?

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    If you're actually willing to try that stuff, don't pay for it. There are plenty of places online to try the files for free. The people selling CD's on ebay are just trying to make a quick buck. Warpmymind has a bunch of hypnosis tracks online to download for free, you just have to make an account (also free).

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    Hypnosis only works if you believe it works. It's not a "quick fix" you actually have to genuinely expect it to work or it won't work -_- I know because I've tried

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    "They work awesome, I went over in my hydrogen powered internal combustion engine(Thanks to that eBay kit!) to the local shop that sells anything you want off eBay. Wore my Tin-Foil hat, as the government mind reading spectrum reader was saying high today. Once I arrived, I made sure to wear my shoes backward into the store, for good luck of course! They had it waiting for me, and before I even played it, I was wetting my diaper uncontrollably!" Said no one ever.

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    When are you people going to read my story, "The Un-training of Stanley Kaminski". Clearly you'll see how these things really work, in the land of fiction.

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    Yeah I agree with you, I didn't really see how it could possibly work, just interested to find out if people have experienced it and people's views on it. I can understand how it can be effective if someone believes in it but that's down to the individual and not the cd, cheers for the responses though

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    i bought one from ebay , tried it for 2 x wks but nothing, happened , silly me then bought another hypnosis cd from a different ebayer and guess what , nothing happened , still wake up dry, so be warned if you like me beleive in that obviosly first one must of been a fluke , and decide to purchase another from some body else , go ahead and waste your money,

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    I got one from but it took over 6 months of nightly use to work for me.

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    I bought one to listen to and have some fun. I was going to play it to a furiend when he was asleep but he found it and he was already into diapers.

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