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    Since I am partially new to ADISC, I have a question to ask (that maybe someone maybe asked before, but I don't know) and that question is: How do you go on to make friends on ADISC?

    Does one start talking to them and work up to friendship?
    Does one ask to be friends randomly like on facebook?
    Does one just demand to be friends and threaten to murder the person he is trying to befriend? (Kidding on last one)

    But seriously, I don't have many friends and am kind of stuck on this.

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    You just kind of...Do...I've wondered how I end up making friends with people, and it seems like it just happens...You get to talking with someone some how, and it just evolves from there

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    Well, you can send out friend requests rapid-fire and see who accepts, but that doesn't seem like a great approach to me. I want to know something about someone before I accept a friend request. I don't need fingerprints and a resume, but I want to have some kind of a sense of the person and ideally have had some kind of conversation. Chat is often the best, but an exchange in the forums or PMs also works. As you interact with others on the site, you'll get to know people and be known and you'll make friends.

    It's a lot like life

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    Well I did it by going into the IRC room. That is where you really get to know what people are like, because it is in real time. It is by far the best way to make friends. If you want to make friends just hang around the IRC room. It'll come - quicker then you think in fact.

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    Martin PM'd me one day and was like, "You seem cool. Got AIM?" ShippoFox and I became friends because we were both interested in *B/DL role-playing. Some other members added me to their buddy lists and started talking to me. I added some members to my buddy list and started talking to them. I never really made friends through the IRC, but I'm not on there much.

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