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Thread: my baby side just gets better

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    Default my baby side just gets better

    Last night after I had put on my thick nappy and plastic pants my wife who only said I could wear to bed last week after initially being very against me being a infantalist said did I really need to wear them everynight,my reply was that I did because they were comfortable and secure and made me sleep better.when we woke up this morning I had my best adult baby experience when my wife allowed me to suckle on her breast and needless to say that as I was wearing nappies and plastic pants their was something really hard pressing against the inside of my nappy,it was an absolutly thrilling experience,I did at the same time give my wife pleasure with my finger,the other thing that was nice was really cuddling up to her in my pink plastic babypants whicha year ago would have been a definite no no so I'm now a happy infantalist as my wife is beginning to find acceptance of baby ways

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    As long as you both are happy that's what mattered. I'd assume she enjoyed it too . By the way, did you ask her what made her change her mind?

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    I'm so glad for you!! This is great news! Thanks for sharing

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    Just make shure you do extra nice things for her so she sees it as a good thing.:-)

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