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Thread: Wanting to lose weight, having trouble sticking with it

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    Default Wanting to lose weight, having trouble sticking with it

    I don't want to sugar it up. While I know that I'm nowhere near being obese, I can't deny that I am overweight. I stand at 5'07" and weigh over 100 kg, and I would love to be rid of it. Not to impress someone, not to get in good books with someone else or to look good for others. I merely want to lose weight because I WANT to lose weight.

    I have walked before, with each walk lasting about 1 hour, and have started to include more vegetables and fruits into my diet. However, I find myself unable to stick to that kind of regime for long. So, I would like to ask any of you who have gone on diets and/or exercise regimes to please help me out and give a few pointers on how I can lose weight and in a decent amount of time.

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    I will tell you here what worked for me when I wanted to trim up a few years ago.

    Misconceptions about dieting:

    Does counting calories work? No. The body needs calories to maintain itself and when starved of them will go into 'fat-saving' mode.
    Does eating salads work? No. By the time the salad is dressed it most likely has croutons, cheese, bacon, and salad dressing. They are a disquised diet-killer.

    Things to AVOID:

    High-Fructose corn syrup. Many products are made with it including bread. I became a label reader and avoided it completely. This includes all soda as well.
    Fast food: ANY fast food. It all contains preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, high sodium, and saturated fats.
    Sodium: It aids in weight gain and also increases hunger.
    Fatty foods: It allows the body to easily store fat without ramping up it's own metabolism to convert it.
    Starchy foods: Foods like pasta, rice and bread should be consumed in 'small' amounts. They offer little to no nutritional value. If I were to pick one to eat it would be rice. It is mostly water when cooked.
    Fried food: Anything fried. French fries are probably the quickest way to add weight.

    Upon starting write a list of all of the foods you do enjoy that are healthy. These could include: Whole grain cereal, low fat milk, veggies, fruits, nuts, berries, seafood, natural juices, yogurt (high-fructose free of course), low fat string cheese, or eggs. Make these the main focus of your daily diet. You could also include chicken, whole grain crackers, lean beef etc.


    -Eat healthy snacks throughout the day. If you starve yourself you will feel miserable and slow down your metabolism. Keep something with you to snack on like maybe grapes or nuts.

    -Drink plenty of water. It will aid you in feeling full and hydrate as well. A win-win.

    -Make the calories/fat count. If you are feeling excessively hungry eat something filling with nutritional value like avocodos or nuts.

    -Allow yourself a small dessert. I enjoy the low-fat pudding snacks.

    -Get creative! There is alot of help online for healthy cooking ideas.

    If you can draw up a plan and shop accordingly it will be easier to stick to it. One of the most amazing things with eating this way is you will notice your energy level sky-rocket overnight. Your body's metabolism will kick into over-drive and offer you the benefit of added energy. I am not kidding. It works.

    One of my unforseen struggles was the craving for sugar. I supplemented it with consuming a large glass of lemonade made with real sugar and made it last throughout the afternoon at work. At times you must be creative but it actually can be alot of fun tweaking a diet that is healthy. Both for the heart and for weight management. I would add lemon juice to make things more tasty for instance.

    Do some research to find out how the body's metabolism works. It is beneficial to know things like how carbohydrates are metabolised. Many vegetables are high in carbs and not only add essential nutrients but offer the body extra work in breaking them down. The metabolism has to burn extra calories just to try to store them as fat. Another win-win. Fruits offer a quick conversion to energy based on simple sugars. If you are staying active then these calories are quickly used and the nutritional value is high.

    Lastly, you said you are walking and that is a great form of excersise. To further expell unwanted weight you can eventually try getting your heart-rate up by jogging for a few minutes at a time and when comfortable going into a full run. The important thing is to not over push yourself and allow your heart-rate to come back to baseline before pushing again. This should be done at your own comfort level but provides added benefits to the cardio system. (note: I am not a doctor so if you have any health concerns it is best left to a physician)

    There are two basic ways to approach weight loss. 1) A subtle lifesyle change to promote long-term health. 2) Regimented and rapid weight-loss to reach a target weight. Both can be done safely without starving yourself of nutrients and add a multitude of benefits.

    I wish you luck. Remember it does take a little resolve but once the benefits are noticed.... it's all worth it.
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    What has been said is good advice. I would add this, and it was told to me by a psyciatris not a dietisian, and I lost 55lb im 5 month.
    Keep hydrated,but do not drink 30 min before, during or 30 min after you eat. Drink during meals does nothing but push chewed food and water soluable sugars through the gut and absorbed faster, and do not breakdown some foods. The best example of this is corn. By doing this non drinking you eat only about one third the amount and digest it better.

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    Harsh's Worksheet (WIP) - /fit/ Wiki

    This guide should tell you all you want to know and more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jagged View Post
    I know that I'm nowhere near being obese, I can't deny that I am overweight. I stand at 5'07" and weigh over 100 kg, and I would love to be rid of it.
    If you never work out or run then there's a good chance that that 100kg+ is not very much muscle. Your BMI is a little over 34, which is the top end of "Class I Obesity". I know BMI isn't entirely accurate for everyone but you're quite well-situated in at least being very overweight.

    I have walked before, with each walk lasting about 1 hour, and have started to include more vegetables and fruits into my diet. However, I find myself unable to stick to that kind of regime for long.
    Did you not like the fruits and vegetables you added to your diet? You don't have to eat Brussels sprouts and spinach all the time in order to have a healthy diet. Or, even... ever. Just eating apples and bananas and carrots (or whatever sweet fruits and vegetables you actually like) is fine. If you find you're deficient in something you can take a supplement on the side if you really hate the natural sources it comes from.

    The same rule applies to exercise. If you find walks boring then don't walk... I know this sounds cliche but you can always join a sports team. Or lift weights, or any solitary activity that gets you moving.

    It has to be enough effort to be a workout, but not so terrible that it can't become a part of your daily routine!

    lose weight and in a decent amount of time.
    They say a 'safe' amount of weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week, but really, that depends on how you're losing the weight. Don't starve yourself (i.e. you shouldn't be hungry, even if you're eating fewer calories than you burn), just start exercising and eating healthy. Food shouldn't be a chore to eat.

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    I've been known to use to track what i eat. It can be a real pain sometimes, but sticking to that can really help you see what you're eating/what you need more or less of, etc. It'd also be great for support system wise, if you have questions or are looking for suggestions and such.

    I don't know if you'd have anybody who'd be willing to try and lose weight with you, but i definitely know it helps to do it with somebody. I usually work out with my Mum, and it helps us to stay motivated because it's not easy to skip out going when the other person is. It's also better for making food decisions! Don't want to be eating crapola if your weight loss partner isn't, and they'll lose more than you! ;P

    Also, variety in exercise is really good. I'm not sure if you have a gym membership (or would use it if you had one), but, personally i enjoy the variety you can get with that. Cardio machines are great, and it's also helpful for days when it rains or is just yucky out. Besides that, walks can get boring as well. So maybe try different locations to walk? Find interesting places, if you can. Is there anyplace to hike nearby? Those can be some of the best kinds of exercise, if the trail is difficult enough!

    I wish you luck with your weight loss.(: Being healthy is important!

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    Okay, as somebody who is in the same position as you are in a way I will say this:

    Dieting is not the way to go.

    The way I see it, as long as you manage to balance out your intake of both healthy and non-healthy foods, it'll help you out in the long run. But it does indeed make the process better if you go for more healthier foods. At the same time, try and do a bit of regulated exercise for long periods of time (i.e. running), but at the same time mix up what you do a bit, I go to the gym regularly and that's a perfect place to start since they have everything you could need for a good work-out regime.

    For an example, I work at a McDonalds, so by default I am forced to eat the stuff whenever I go on break since the only alternative is a subway two blocks away from the workplace which would take me hell to go and get food from (i.e. take up all my break to go get the food and not even eat it), but I've been recently been trying my best to eat smaller meals and go for the better options on the list.

    I also manage to attend a gym session of an hour and up every day (whenever I don't have a shift at work), this consists of about 15 to 30 minutes combined on the bike and walking machines and a another 15 to 30 minute portion on the weight machines (biceps, triceps, etc.) and adding an additional 5 minutes to each one depending on how many additional 10 minutes I add to the overall session.

    I've also been keeping track on what I get each week with my groceries since I've started this whole "work out" process of mine, cutting back on how much "all sugary" drinks I've been drinking, going with the "No Sugar" versions of them and drinking more water in order to balance it all out.

    But overall, have fun with it! It's no use going along with the whole thing and not having fun along the way that is literally the worst thing you can have going through your head when you go and get yourself into something like this.

    Keep yourself motivated with the promise of the results that will inevitably follow and good luck, it's a slow process losing weight, but it's all worth it in the end.

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    While not trying to turn this into a discussion, just a little something. Although this helps me also to kinda stay on the same level, if I really struggle to stay at the same weight over time, especially after certain holidays, i.e. xmas, easter and so on, where it's kinda usual to eat way too much with your folks...

    Anyway, from a certain point it's right to skip pasta, bread and rice. But the simple reason it's that most people tend to eat especially pasta and bread made from white flour. That's the killer. It burns nearly no kcal at all. It just goes down to your hips, figuratively speaking.
    If you like this stuff and since everyone, I guess, likes this stuff from time to time, go for whole grain/wholemeal bread, pasta and also rice if you'd like. Though the last one tastes kinda different.

    In the end it's getting way better utilized from your body and has anyway more mineral nutrients. And you're satiated from rather small portions.

    Besides that, which should be common knowledge though, but I still say it for the better...
    Skip every damn soft/soda drink. These are useless calories. And don't go for light/diet drinks either. Saccharin and so on let's you get a ravenous appetite more often.
    Stick to water and if you like a little bit of variation from time to time, brew a simple tea, without sugar (small hint: vanilla helps with a ravenous appetite, but real vanilla, no flavor~ stuff.)

    Besides that... what everyone else mentioned.
    And in the end, don't stress yourself, adapt to it slowly. If you feel really the need to go for chocolate, then go for a piece, but make it count and enjoy it consciously. Which is by the way really important, be aware of what you eat. Don't eat if you're bored or while doing something.

    my 2 cents.

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    I am 6'3" and in December I weighed in at 225lbs... right now I'm 185lbs, so I'll throw out some stuff that was helpful for me.

    Become vegetarian (or limit your meat)- This is the first dietary change I made and I immediately started losing weight. Meat has so many growth hormones, fat, cholesterol, and bad calories that make it bad for your health. A big bonus is that you also don't have to kill animals just because they taste good.

    When you go to the store only buy a few things... and make them really healthy. If you go to the store and buy things like oatmeal, good cereals, fruits, raisins, and buy only what you need you will lose weight.

    Drink lots of water, and use sugar free drink mixes. Also tea is really good for you (especially green tea)

    DRY ROASTED EDAMAME. I have been known to eat entire large pizzas... I have a absolutely huge appetite. Eating half a bag of this stuff is like eating a complete meal.... it's mostly protein, good fats, fiber, and half a bag is typically 200 calories. Even if you don't like the taste at first your body will see how nutritional it is and you will learn to like it.

    Anything with protein is going to fill you up faster. Protein bars are full of sugar and carbs though and I wouldn't recommend them.

    I hope that helps. Like I said I've been doing these things and I've went from (225 to 185 lbs) that's like 40lbs!!! I fit in a size medium and 32 size pants which is awesome because I can wear all my old clothes.

    Good Luck!!

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    I recommend eating lots of fish, I like Haddock, cod and pollock. All cook very nicely in a pan with a small amount of olive oil. The fish that I listed is very low in fat, has a high amount of protein (One average sized haddock fillet has approximately 17g of protein) , and they also have omega 3 acids, which are good for you too. Fairly low in calories as well! Also, if you like chicken burgers, go for a lean chicken burger rather than the beef burgers. They are much better for you.

    Also, drink lots of water, it suppresses hunger, cleans out any nasty toxins etc. in your body, and can make you feel a lot better! Every time I get a bad acne break out, I limit my junk food and drink a lot more water and the acne clears up in a day or two.


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