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Thread: Idea's on creative diaper punishment techniques / implementation ?

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    Default Idea's on creative diaper punishment techniques / implementation ?

    She still isn't hot about the idea of diapers, period. But she's always saying... when you have them on, what am I supposed to do?? My response is limited based on my limited tenure with this fetish. My imagination only provides similarly repetitive ideas. I'm trying to explore this site but it's so darn big I can't keep spending hours reading through discussions luke warm to what I want. Any help out there with diaper play / punishment / bondage ideas so she can feel involved instead of a bench warmer?

    Hurdles: no messing diaper. maybe #1 but she still doesnt know I do that. If a public place is suggested she's probably more nervous about the sound than I am.

    everything else is pretty game. Thanks for your help.

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    Well, if you are looking for things to do while diapered, and are into that kind of thing, you could totally check out the Diaper posts on GetDare. (Since they sound very much like what you are looking for...) And since ADISC is a PG13 forum, I feel should mention that while a lot of GetDare is PG13 as well, some sections of the site are most definitely 18+...

    Obviously you'll wanna use your own discretion, since some requests are a little over the top. But they are certainly fun to do.

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    Thank you for your honest feed back and sorry these posts may seem a little amateurish. Still pretty new to opening up to an online community.

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