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Thread: DSM-5 - Will it affect ABDL/Paraphilia Diagnosis and treatment?

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    Default DSM-5 - Will it affect ABDL/Paraphilia Diagnosis and treatment?

    I'm not a psychologist and I haven't really looked into this deeply yet. But I know that the DSM-V is going to be released relatively soon and I'm curious if anyone here knows if the diagnosis and treatment of paraphilias will be changed in this latest edition... I also wonder if ABDL will be specifically mentioned and/or addressed since we have become a little more 'public' through Dr. Phil, My Strage Addiction, and other television shows.

    Any people "in the know"?

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    Ok so in partial answer to my own question, it appears that the DSM-V significantly broadens the definition of paraphilias to include any sexual attraction to anything that isn't genitals in preparation for intercourse.

    Yet paraphilia in itself isn't considered a problem or illness... However, they can become a problem (labeled "paraphilic disorders") when they cause significant distress or conflict on people's lives in major ways.

    This article suggests that 'social norms' still guides the DSM in whether or not it considers certain sexual behaviors as 'healthy' or not.

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    I don't think the latest DSM release will make much difference to psychological services. The current version is widely viewed with some scepticism, with most psychologists (in this country, at least) using it as a very general guide rather than any kind of legitimate directory of clearly-defined, real conditions.

    There has been quite a lot of media attention to the new version of the DSM, with many professionals being of the opinion that the DSM has served its purpose, what with the changes being made in the new version, and the increasing interference of pharmaceutical companies who want to legitimise an even wider range of conditions so that they can provide specific drugs and rake in the profits...

    The (few) therapists that I've spoken to don't make proper/official diagnoses anyway. It's more important to help someone get over their problems than it is to supply them with a label (unless the label very obviously applies). So I don't think the new version of the DSM will make any difference at all to psychological treatments. From what I've been hearing, it may even be the "final straw" that means that psychologists move further away from any kind of reliance on the DSM. I think the biggest problem might be that patients will use the DSM as a layperson's guide to understanding the nature of their condition and, with an increasing range of issues being described, could potentially identify themselves as "having a condition" rather than "having issues". In other words, the temporary condition may become part of the person's permanent identity.

    BBC News - 'Grief and anxiety are not mental illnesses'
    Many authors of psychiatry bible have industry ties - health - 13 March 2012 - New Scientist
    The British Psychological Society still has concerns over DSM-5 | BPS
    Professor Peter Kinderman writes on DSM-5 for the BBC News website | BPS
    BBC News - Mental health: are we all sick now?
    Psychiatry divided as mental health 'bible' denounced - health - 03 May 2013 - New Scientist
    One manual shouldn't dictate US mental health research - 08 May 2013 - New Scientist

    I dunno...

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    I had a discussion about this with a friend of mine who says I should be worried cause I am Asperger's and that they changed the diagnosis on that with this DSM- I however; choose not to worry or even give a rat's ass about it. I've too many big fish to fry right now in my life to worry about what a stupid document by a bunch of know-it-all idiot shrinks says about me. For the record; I think VERY LITTLE of shrinks...

    I also am not as paranoid as my friend is; this is one of those types of friends who worries about everything under the sun and I swear he wears a tin-foil hat lol! I however am just going to live my life and not worry about what a bunch of shrinks say. As a famous song once said in my childhood, 'Don't worry, be happy!'


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    Technically paraphillias aren't necessarily wanting to engage in things like AB/DL behaviors. It is only when this causes significant distress. As the DSM 4-TR states:

    For the remaining Paraphilias, the diagnosis is made if the behavior, sexual urges, or fantasies cause clinically significant distress
    or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.
    With the "other" paraphillias being Exhibitionism (showing off genitals to strangers), Voyeurism (Watching unknowing people have sex), Frotterism (Rubbing genitals against non-consetting persons), and Pedophillia, all of which to be diagnosed have to manifested in behavior or have to meet the former criteria.

    The DSM isn't really used as a guide to treatment and the majority of professionals do not consider it to be absolute, nor do they base diagnosis solely on the fact that you might meet the criteria for a disorder. The main functions of the DSM is to:
    1. Provide a classification system so that professionals can effectively share information with each other
    2. Insurance billing; insurance won't cover some forms of therapy unless you have a diagnosed condition (that means if you're having trouble with being an AB/DL you can't get treatment unless you are diagnosed)
    3. Not all the professionals have a solid understanding of every disorder, so it's helpful to reference it for conditions they don't know a lot about or don't come across in general practice

    Whether or not something is a disorder or problem always comes down to the practitioner. I've had people tell me being an AB/DL is a healthy way of coping, and I've had others tell me I'm bisexual most likely because I was molested or something (there was no basis for this).

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    Also: Sexual intercourse is a disorder if it causes stress or impairment: think sexual addiction

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    As someone with family in the psychology/psychiatry fields, I know that most view the new DSM with skepticism. However, those that adhere to it tend to be Rabidly dogmatic about it. Lol, Thanksgiving is interesting for my family. BTW the two opposing factions are split on "classifying" me, even though none of them know I'm AB. I personally think that since I work, pay taxes, and am married, they should all just leave me alone.

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