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    The name is lilhooah, I am prior service Army did a couple of years on active duty and currently going to college at my local college. I am not just here for my love of diapers but also for support. My hobbies include: PT(physical training i.e. exercising) , surfing, cooking, learning about different cultures, and learning new languages. The reason why i joined is mainly for support and to meet people who have a common interest. At any rate it's nice to meet you guys.


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    Hello lilhooah, and welcome to the group.

    First off Thank you for my freedom.

    What is your major in college?

    You have a very interesting list of interest.
    I definitely like learning about different cultures. My best experience so far in life is spending 15 months on the Hopi reservation. It was an eye opening experience seeing several different things I learned about in school and seeing how wrong or one sided the education was.
    I also noticed that you are interested in cooking. I would like to invite you to look at the "foodie group" we have just started.

    I hope to see you posting everywhere and having a chance to talk about all of the aspects of cultures.

    Again Welcome.

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    Nice to meet you Lilhooah! Welcome to the forum!

    I am interested to know what you did within the army? And did you get to travel to many places?
    I am hoping to go into the RAF myself, so I am always interested to hear what other people have to say about their experiences.

    And, as Egor said, what are you studying in college?

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    I was a combat medic, 68 whiskey, and i am majoring in Nursing. I actually never went overseas aside from deployment, i wanted Italy they gave me Fort Hood, Texas (not the greatest place on earth but definitely better than the sandbox). The Army was really interesting to say the least, i met some of the most extraordinary men and women during my enlistment period. I will say that having enlisted at 17 years old really made me stop and appreciate what and who i had in my life. I am actually still technically "in" with 3.5 years left on my contract but inactive at the moment. Thanks Again!

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    Welcome lilhooah. This is a great site for support. Though I'm older, I like staying in shape as well. I'll spend this summer out riding my bike on our bike trail. It runs along a creek and is located in the foothills of the Shenandoah Mountains. It was an old rail line that is carved through a lot of rocks. The trail is surrounded by trees, and there is a waterfall and several bridges. There's a train (CSX) which runs across the trail high up on a trestle bridge. The trail eventually crosses the historic James River, so as you can imagine, I love riding it.

    I'm a writer, and riding clears my mind for ideas. Work wise, I'm an educator and a professional musician.

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    Dogboy- I would imagine, bike riding is very therapeutic in my opinion.I also play a little bit of guitar, not to great at it but its another hobby that i love to do when i am not so busy.

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    Hello and welcome. Always great to see a fellow veteran. I am a former Marine and I am currently a contractor working in Afghanistan with the Army. I do not PT anymore and I am not a surfer but I do love learning about different cultures. My second wife was Japanese and I was stationed in Japan for five and a half years.

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    Ditto! Okinawa by any chance? My uncle was in a seabee unit with the Navy and spent 2 years over there. I was in Afghanistan a few years ago with a unit from the 10th Mountain division.

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