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    Today I recorded a country song called "That's Why I Sing This Way" By Daryle Singletary.

    For someone from the UK... I dont think i did too bad....

    Please comment, like, re-post, share etc Le me know what you think.....

    hope you enjoy

    That's Why I Sing This Way (Cover By Steve Roberts) - YouTube

    Also, Feel free to check out my other Videos.... :-D

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    I'm not much for country music, at least not much of the modern stuff. You sing well, though

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    get thy clogs on: tha's booked at t' pub!
    and nowt wrong with that.

    and i've now that bloody Take That song in my head!

    thanks for sharing.

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    I never liked country but I heard part of your song and it's not my cup of tea. I don't like country is why. Not that kind anyway.

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    I liked it, you're pretty good.

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    Country is my fav... Thought you did well... Going to check out your channel...

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    I generally don't care much for country, this was pretty good though.

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