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Thread: I told someone about being a AB/DL today.

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    Default I told someone about being a AB/DL today.

    So I know this is another one of those generic "coming out" threads but I just had to post this for all of you to read (or laugh at and ignore either one works for me:cool .

    Any who earlier today I was talking to a good friend of mine (who believe me if I was bi or gay I would totally hook up with as he is one of the sweetest individuals I have ever met, we have a bunch in common, and he's not half bad looking. Makes me sad to think that we don't talk as much as we used too) any who I went off on a bit of a tangent there so let me get back onto the topic at hand. Now we were talking about just random stuff (Ponies, the new Teen Titans, ect when he started talking to me about more serious subjects in his life (which I won't mention here) any who the conversation soon turned down the whole "Sexual fantasies/Lifestyles" road and we started talking about stuff in this nature, after making him triple promise that he would not tell anyone I "Came out" to him about my AB/DL lifestyle and surprisingly took it really positively (even going as far as to say it was "Nothing compared to some things that he has seen") which was a huge relief.

    To go on a bit of a side tangent I should probably say why I was so nervous, see I'm one of those people that finds nothing wrong with the things people do to stimulate themselves sexually (or the lifestyles the wish to live) unless they involve children or the major harm of oneself or others, however, even though in some way I have come to acceptance with my ABDL and sissy lifestyle I still have a hard time accepting that I like this sort of thing from time to time.

    Anyway we talked for a bit more before he logged off, I informed him he is one of the very few people that know about me being involved in this lifestyle (something my family as well as my best friend does not know about) and that I appreciate the fact that he was so accepting about it and was not judging me.

    So anyway I thought I would post this here and tell you all, sorry it was so long guys.

    With love

    ~Emily <3

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    I'm glad your friend took it all so well! The reaction from the first person you "come out" to is so important, I find it steers you one way or the other... By that I mean you may feel more comfortable coming out to others in the future, or if the reaction is negative, it can make you retreat more.

    With that in mind, do you feel more confident in telling others in the future?

    Hope this makes sense, I am still waking up!

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    I wouldn't say I feel more confident to tell others in the future, but I would say that I am getting a bit more comfortable with this lifestyle

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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetieBelleCMC View Post
    I wouldn't say I feel more confident to tell others in the future, but I would say that I am getting a bit more comfortable with this lifestyle
    Sounds good to me! :-)

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    I told my college roommate and SO about 5 years ago. Since we had been lovers through college, he took it well. He wanted me to help others, especially younger members on this site, if that was possible. We never spoke about it again. He is a retired high school principle, and he now goes all over the U. S., presenting workshops at high schools doing conflict resolution, specializing with LGBT students.

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    Just curious, but did you feel relieved after you told him?

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    I'm new here, I'm Pauly.... I can relate, I just told one of my Nurses and my personal care Attendant both took it posatively. However I told a few people in the past most had a bad reaction, my BFF was ok with it so i am glad that your friend was cool. BTW i have Nurses because I'm disabled. I'm in need of making some AB/DL friends :-).

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