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Thread: Wearing in public/ in front of others

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    Default Wearing in public/ in front of others

    So, as someone who is new to wearing diapers, I always thought that I would never be able to go out in public wearing one. I just thought that I would be too paranoid about someone noticing. However, since I have started wearing, I have been wondering what it would be like to wear in public.

    Anyway, this morning I was sat at home, in a t-shirt and a wet diaper, when someone knocks on the door. I put on my dressing gown and answered it, and it was just some guy coming to check the gas meter. So I let him in, he did his job, and was gone within 5 minutes. I highly doubt he noticed anything, but I couldn't help feeling smug at the fact that I was wearing a wet diaper underneath my dressing gown.

    I realise this isn't anything too interesting, but this is the first time I have ever worn in front of someone. It got me to thinking, what were other people's first experiences of wearing a diaper in public/ in front of others, and how did you feel about it?

    Sorry if something similar has been posted before!

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    This morning I was dressed in just a nightie and diaper, when the DHL courier delivered my new diapers from a Dutch online pharmacy, from the Dutch to the Polish border in just one day, pretty fast!

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    This question comes up quite often. When you go out in public or greet someone from the public who has a job to do probably doesn't pay any attention to how your dressed.
    I have an IC problem and wear 24/7 and am in public everyday and think nothing of it.

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    I've worn in public during the winter because my winter coat will cover any diaper bulge. I've worn a diaper several times when I've gone out on my bike on the bike trail. I have floppy, loose biking shorts that are tight on the inside, but have a loose outer shell. I don't imagine anyone noticed. For me it felt really good and I'm looking forward to doing it again this summer.

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    I have worn in public like two times, I don't want someone to catch me,but at the same time I so just so I can think about what they are thinking.

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    I have worn in public many times. One advantage for us is they do not KNOW you are wearing a diaper. As a male, not many people are ever going to be focusing hard on your bottom or crotch while you are out and about. Loose clothing and long shirts makes it almost impossible to notice anyway. I can not recall ever noticing a person that has noted me diapered, even while wearing a soaked thick diaper, like Bambino Bellissimo or Abena Abri-Form XP. Your biggest problem in wearing a diaper out in public is your own mind. My best friend helped me with this by always telling me who cares what people think. You wear diapers. That is what makes you happy. Be happy when you want. Basically I go out diapered in public and I am confident. If you happen to notice a bulge under my pants and it bothers you then stop looking.

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    I like it when I go to the movies. But I lost the fear if someone going to find out.

    1 I don't think anyone will go out and go Hay he has a diaper on.

    2 If they notice they will even say anything

    3 I will tell them it non of there business

    4 If someone ask about it I say I have a IC problem.

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    I wear out in public all the time and no one ever notices. No one says anything about it.

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    I've worn in public, when my "mommy" makes me as punishment.

    Intellectually, in the back of my head, I know nobody is going to notice - heck, I can stand in front of a mirror and see that there are no visible signs. But it always makes me nervous as heck. I usually settle down once I see nobody is reacting.

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    I wear in public quite often, and no-one has ever noticed, or at least no-one has ever said anything.

    Latest, I was flying home from a visit to my boyfriend in Finland, and when putting my laptop back in my backpack, in the overhead compartment, my T-shirt slipped up and I know that there were at least one, if not many more people, who noticed the top of my diaper, and again, no-one said anything.

    Actually, now that I think of it, the two guys operating the X-ray machine at the security checkpoint, did laugh about something when my diaper bag went through the scanner...

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