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Thread: Great finding plus a question

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    Question Great finding plus a question

    So I've been looking online for some diapers, I tried the M4's and loved them but now I want to try molicare super plus. The thing is, while looking online i came across staples, and you can order and pay for online, then just go pick up at the store!, which is great if you cant have them delivered to your doorstep. That's the good news for a lot of you (if you didn't know already u.u)

    Now for the question, this is the link of the product.

    Molicare® Super Plus Adult Disposable Brief, Light Purple, Medium/Large, 56/Pack | Staples®

    Case of 56 for 65 + tax (free shipping to the store), they say that they are medium/large. I began my search, medium/large for molicare says that it will fit from a 27' to a 56' waist...thats waaay bigger than mediums (almost the same as a large one). Now i looked for the model #, and its the same number for mediums (27' - 48') and medium/large.

    So any input on this sizes? Or what they actually are?. I can fit perfectly in the M4's and I'm a 34-36 waist.

    Any help is welcomed


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    I'm a 38 and the medium/large (as also listed on Amazon) was actually a perfect fit for me. You'll be perfect in then. They will fit much different than the abena though as a heads up.

    By the way.... Really good but very random find there. Didn't pin staples to be a.... Home supply store. Thanks for sharing!!

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    Thanks! I've tried large diapers before (tena slip) and they are impossible for me to wear. At least discretely. Does the packaging says medium/large? Does it specify the size going up to 57? Or is the medium/large labeling wrong?

    Sorry for all the questions. I'm planning on ordering a case and I don't want to be left with 56 diapers I can't enjoy

    Thank you!
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    The reason the waist size range is so large has to do with the Staples site itself. It makes you select 'medium/large' for some reason. I went to the next checkout screen, and it doesn't let you select one or the other. It's really strange, because unless you specify- how do they know which one you want? You may want to email them and inquire. It does seem like a very good price.

    As for the fit of the medium Molicare, it's very similar in waist size to the Abena. Although the height cut of it is shorter, and closer to Bambino.

    I recently tried them out again- after a few years without using the Molicare brand and wasn't impressed on the first wearing. They clump up a bit, even after enough dry hours at night.... But I gave them a shot when wearing during the day- and thought they did very well for absorbancy. It's a comfortable diaper, and even though it has a lot of sap- it makes for a quite fluffy behind :p.

    Not to mention, the diaper seemed exactly the same as when I first tried them years ago. That says something for the company making a solid, steady product... I mean, look at how many times Abena has changed both for better, and worse.

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    Thanks I guess I'll try them, the serial number for that product is the same as the regular mediums so I'm gonna go with it being a site related mistake :p

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    So i talked with Medline, and they said they have the same medium/large on their site, the sizes are all messed up too. But they said the medium/large is 27-47 xD. Already ordered from staples and waiting for them!

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    Does anybody have an idea why an office supply store is carrying adult diapers? Are they just trying to chase after Amazon's "Sell all the things!" model?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultrapampers View Post
    Does anybody have an idea why an office supply store is carrying adult diapers? Are they just trying to chase after Amazon's "Sell all the things!" model?
    Maybe the rumor of businesses having their employees in diapers to get more productivity isn't so far fetched lol.

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    Update, I got the case!, they are in fact 27-47". Great fit, great diaper! I recommend staples store delivery service!

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