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Thread: crazy idea!

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    Default crazy idea!

    I don't know if any one though of this. So I'm just going to say it. We can legally Change our name right. So dose that mean you can change it to your fur name?

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    Well my name is kinda boring "andrew" I mean it would be so much more fun to go by "Shadow"

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    I would prefer Dogboy over my real name. I think I would prefer Rufus over my real name. Yes, my real name is Dirtytoiletseat. Why my parents named me this, I'll never know.

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    Don't forget the guy who changed his name to Mr. Yellow Rat Foxy-Squirrel Fairy Diddle for some beer. Read it in a Ripley's book.

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    I actually don't mind my real name (Chris) and if I want to change something in my name it would be the awful Polish surname I have to a German one.

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    In most cases you have to go through a judge in order to have a legal name change.

    But first think of the impact it would have on your life. Many things are judged based on your name alone and changing it to something just to be different might not always be the best move. I will admit to thinking that changing my legal name was a great idea when I was getting older. In time i learned that my current name is the absolute bast name to be called in a professional environment and to leave my furname for friends and furrys.

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    The only thing I don't like about my name is it's Christian origins. To be honest I wouldn't want to go by my fur name, it has it's own time and place and it's fun to be called it then but not all the time, too much explaining.

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