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    just wanted some color in post

    Well a little about me:

    I currently live in Brooklyn and don't think ill be moving anytime soon, although it is overstimulating in NYC sometimes!

    I love music!! Listening and making it. I am always searching for new music( I play guitar and keys, although I mostly use the computer to make it, kinda like a.d.d. electronica)

    I like to travel, and have had an interesting life because of it. I took a bus up to NYC randomly 3 years ago with $15 and the clothes on my back. I was sleeping on a friends fire-escape for a few weeks and then I found another house (that I live at now) who let me sleep on their couch because I am just that charming (lol) Then I found a job and just kind made it, its true. Then I spent last summer hitchhiking and train hopping across the USA.

    I cook alot, and live with a great group of friends so there is always someone in the kitchen.

    I have a steady job and a great great girlfriend.

    I love to learn and experience new things. I think its best for yourself when you test your limits and push the way you think. I think I have a lot of wisdom for my age but I don't want that to sound pretentious shoot maybe its to late where is the delete button.... I'm modest!! I promise!

    I'm hungry a the moment.

    I would like to say thanks for having this forum for conversations and not just pictures of fake models for us to escape into. I like realness!

    I have been in a lot of situations that I'm sure other people on this site can relate to regarding this mutual interest of ours. Been into it since I was really young. It is a strange thing to come to terms with, and even seems far fetched to share it with someone outside of the community on the internet. I have never met another person into it (not that I know of at least).

    I want to check out a group meet definitely.

    Wow this seems like alot of personal information for a site about something 99% of us want to keep secret.

    Anyway hope everyone is well and look forward to talking to you!, and if you have any questions or just want to talk feel free!

    (sorry if there are grammatical errors, typing out with my fetish in mind makes my head race and calms me down at the same time... if that makes any sense!)

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    Hello universaloop and welcome to adisc!

    So you're a lot into music, which are your favorite genre in general and maybe also the bands you like? I'm always curious about this. If you got some songs, which you really like, don't be afraid to mention them too or maybe also a kinda underrated band/singer.

    Travelling is great, which has been the most desirable place you've been so far? And do you plan someday to travel outside of the US perhaps?

    Furthermore, which are your favorite dishes? I'm also into cooking a lot. Especially trying new stuff from time to time, just... for fun, but of course also to surprise my bf or some friends.
    And which dishes do you rather prefer to buy and which do cook by yourself? If there are some, who knows... maybe you're cooking everything by yourself. Sometimes I lack the patience for it, I have to say- Or if I'm only hungry and need something to... survive, figuratively speaking. Which keeps me really going is simply to cook for other people or with them too.

    And furthermore, don't be afraid, to talk about yourself. We're all in the same boat and this is an community to support actively. ;)

    Is your girlfriend aware of your ab/dl side, if I may ask? And by the way, which kind of diaper fascinated person would you call yourself? You didn't mention it and didn't choose a tag so far.
    Anyway, congratz that you found a really loving girlfriend, since you mention, that she's really really great. That's always a good thing to hear!

    So welcome to adisc and have fun. Feel free to ask about anything, if you feel like you seem to have a problem. We won't bite.

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    It's nice to meet you.
    you are not at all pretentious. and I know exactly what you are saying about wisdom and all. wisdom you've gained traveling that way is wisdom you've earned and will never lose. I lived and traveled the same way on big Island Hawai'i. I think you'd love that life I used to live though the one Train track on big island was abandoned over 50 years ago. the preferred method of travel is Hitch Hiking, by everyone. you wouldn't believe, and I can't explain the many, Many different kinds of people one can meet traveling around big island this way. I would love a chance to swap stories with you.
    just from your intro I can see you are like many of the people I used to cruise the beaches with.
    just a few Questions for ya if you don't mind?

    1. Have you ever heard of "the Rainbow Gatherings"?
    2. Are you going this year?
    3. If so how do you intend on getting there?

    Good luck in your future adventures

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    Welcome universaloop. I think you will have no problem finding like minded people here. I am also into cooking. I invite you to the foodie group that started just a couple of weeks ago. We have set up a cookbook format recipe swap. Feel free to drop by and introduce yourself.

    I would also be interested in hearing about your travels around the country. I have seen so many books writen by people that have done that very thing and the real people that they met on there way.

    Again welcome to the group.

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