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Thread: Lille Supreme Fit - Maxi (3370ml) Medium Review

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    Default Lille Supreme Fit - Maxi (3370ml) Medium Review

    I haven't been using diapers long but I want to make a review of one of the better ones I have tried - so here goes!

    Lille Supreme Fit - Maxi (3370ml) Medium (80-130cm) Pack of 20
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    Reason I chose to buy these ones, is after much research on the net for available diapers in the UK, these seemed to be one of the ones that hold the most fluid - what they advertise anyway.

    Appearance, Size, and Features

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    The appearance of these are not something to be bragged about. They're plain white with an 'M' pattern on it (assumably so you know which size they are!) and rectangular stripe down the middle.

    As advertised the sizes is pretty spot on. Unfortunately I can't really compare it to other brands that you're familiar with. Long as you know what waist/hips you are, you got no problems getting into these.

    They have a yellow wetness indicator which turns blue so you know when abouts you're a due a change. Although I don't use it, some people like this feature. There is also some elastication on the front of these, allowing good movement without them feeling like they're gonna fall off in one position to another.

    The tapes are pretty standard with nothing particularly impressive. The material is pretty soft and not too plasticy. I think it's considered more cloth like? If these were to be worn out I would suggest plastic pants as you can feel as if you're clothes are wet when they're not.

    As well as the usual leak guard, it is elasticated around your thigh for a sure fitting. I've yet to have a leak in these! So going onto fitting...

    Performance and Fit

    I think these fit really well. They're comfortable, and have no complaints in that aspect. I have found they can hold 3 good wettings if not a few trickles while sat down with no leaks.

    As I only wear at home, only take this as a guidance. The noise of these are next to nothing. I can walk to and from my kitchen without hearing too much of a crackle, snap or pop!

    The tapes stick well and don't move, rip or unstick. I also found that if I had done it up too loose I could easily re-stick it tighter and it would still hold perfectly fine. They stayed on my waist very well even when full.

    I don't find these particularly discreet while on though. They bulge a lot on the front, and being a women this isn't necessarily a good thing! This is probably my only complaint so far.

    Price and Final Thoughts

    These were bought from Amazon in the UK from a seller called DryLife. They cost me 13.75 for 20 which I consider a reasonable price compared to some and the overall performance. They were AB/DL friendly in regards of packaging and shipping completely discreetly, even if the package is quite big!

    Overall I really like these, and the only real comparison I can give is I think they're better than Tender All-In-One Adult Diapers. So if you're in the UK, I would give these a try

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    Hi agree with everything that xantia said I wear lille nappies a lot nightime I wear the supreme fit maxis supers,they are just under 13 pounds for 20 I buy from my local mobilty shop,these nappies take multiple wettings and very comfortable to wear but I always wear plastic pants on top,also for daytime use I wear lille supreme fit regular plus because they are thinner and more discreet but still an excellent low cost nappy that can take multiple wettings and are very comfortable but sometimes you need to 're adjust the tapes to prevent the nappy slipping but I normally fasten as tight as I can.I can really recommend lille nappies

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    I've been wearing those to bed for close than 2 years now.

    I like them. What I don't like about them is, when it's wet, you can't sit on it. Under pressure, the wetness will seap trough the backing and wet your clothing and chair.
    They are fine when laying down.

    I occasionnally wake up and change during the night, but they generally handle a night worth of urine loss.

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    Absorbency is great for these but I find the backing to be not as waterproof as it should be, and moisture tends to seep through the whole of the back-sheet. Maybe quality has improved over the last 6 months but I stopped using them for this reason.

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    I bought a pack of these the other day from a local pharmacy. I think they must have got the pricing wrong because they were only 8.69 :O

    So yeah, I agree with the OP, they are quiet but have a quite a large bulge. I would say that the mediums are actually pretty big, they seem much bigger on me than a medium Tena Slip for example. They seem to hold a lot.. I haven't really tried them enough to test leaking capacity though.

    For the price I got them though these are incredible. Under 9 for 20 nappies!

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    They are not really bigger, they just have a builkier fit than Tena. Tena are pretty slim lined and to fit an overweight persone, a larger size is requied. Kendall Lille allow a bigger butt or abdomen to fit.

    I prefer this ample fit for night time as discretion is not required and it's more confortable. I have a very athletic and muscular build and I fit perfecly in both brands. I can apreciate the differences though.

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    I like how they arent very bland. Most adult diapers are and while I still like the plain ones, its nice to see designs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamlet View Post
    I bought a pack of these the other day from a local pharmacy. I think they must have got the pricing wrong because they were only 8.69 :O
    It's not far off. The place I used to get them from sells them for about 9.50, so you got a slight bargain but not as much as you might think.

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    i used to buy them , but stopped when i found age uk have a very thick nappy in there all in ones maxi , i admit they are not cheap but they are better than abena and dont leak, also now just had a delivery of 1xfluffsan nappies , night ones are purple/ lilac in colour and are reasonably cheap for a pk of 15 , also ordered fluffsan daytime nappies, thes are plain white in colour, and just have numbers on them for a wetness indicator , downside to daytime ones dont stop in them to long after wet as they do tend to give of an odour,.otherwise try inda/slip maxi. these are also cheap.

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