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Thread: Mega bloks!

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    Default Mega bloks!

    Does anyone else like playing with mega bloks? Like the big ones for kids, not the not so mega Lego like version. I just love them.

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    And if not these does any one else like to play with anything? Whatever it may be?

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    I've played with some of my grandson's toys that we keep at our house. My favorite is the gas station. I had one when I was little, and played with it for hours every day.

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    I probably would like to play with mega blocks but I still play with my legos I can't give those up.

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    I keep some in my nursery as I think they are fun for littles to play with.

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    Have always liked miniature animal figurines and chalk... Never out grew those or coloring books

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    stroke of luck, ended up with my old collection of legos...few thousand here and there, including some old models that are holding up....for the most part. Prolly need to go back over them and fix em up a bit one of these days

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    I used to have tons of Lego! Lots of cool stuff like lunar landers and big plastic sheets of moon surface and even a big car that you could build the engine for that had square pistons and working steering! But somehow it was all lost in our move...

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    Yes, i love the big mega bloks, its like ive shrunk and they are actually regular sized blocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by firestopper View Post
    Yes, i love the big mega bloks, its like ive shrunk and they are actually regular sized blocks
    Yea that's how I feel too

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