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Thread: Leaking in Public

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    I took the dog out the other day, and I needed to go, so I thought I time my pee with my dog. Anyway, I found that I was leaking and it was running down my leg. Lucky for me it was raining and my trousers was already soak.
    Its got my wondering, has anyone leak in public before and if so how would you cover it up?

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    I made the mistake of wetting a pair of cheap, cloth-backed diapers to a pizzaria that my mom works at. I sat down for 15 minutes then noticed that liquid had pressed through and soaked my pants. It was tricky finding the right opportunity, but I scurried out the door to my car without any problems!

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    Lessons learned. Live and learn, then get Bambinos. :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post
    Lessons learned. Live and learn, then get Bambinos. :p
    I'll add to this. Dry24/7 or Tena Slip Maxi.

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    I've had more leaks in public than I'd like to remember. I tend to wear clothes where it isn't too noticiable to begin with, and I don't do anything that would give a hint something was amiss. Most people around the places I spend most of my time are so used to seeing me with my laptop bag I can carry extra clothes and a few spare diapers with me without issues.

    For every set of clothes I own there are two extra sets. Ones I can leave in the car, and the ones that go in the bag for emergencies. I've actually only been noticed once after changing, and it was because someone noticed a mustard stain had mysteriously disappeared off shorts while in the restroom. Managed to convince them I washed it out and dried my pants with the air dryer :P

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    being an individual who had dealt with profound urinary and bowel incontinence my whole life, I have dealt with visible leaks so many times I have lost count. its a consequence of cheap diapers and statistical certainty. when I have had state insurance I have taken whatever I could get and have always been thankful and when I haven't, I just buy what can and make them last.

    leaks are embarrassing but sometimes go unnoticed. when you pee your pants people notice.

    I wish I always had premium diapers and know life would be easier but again, I'm thankful I atleast have something to wear and can live my life out and about with atleast some measure of dignity.

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    I have but thankfully never been caught! I think I would die of embarasment if I was caught in a leaky diaper.

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    I have tied my jacked around my waist to cover the wet spot. There have been times i couldn't hide it and just dealt with the embarrassment. I got used to it and it's not bad anymore. I change if I feel a wet spot on my clothes. I don't leak often in public anymore. If anyone has noticed, they have never said a word.

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    I haven't leaked in ages luckily, though it also happened to me in the past a lot.
    Kinda simple reason, at that time I used to wear the worst diapers and/or mostly only way too small pads and pull-ups all the time. And I haven't been used to it.

    Anyway, it's really embarrassing, I think too. Especially since it simply shows that you haven't wet your pants, as your butt tends to be dry...

    In the end, I also think, one of the best things to cover it up, is to tie a jacket or a pullover/shirt around your waist, if your still wearing a shirt and so on.
    It pretty much hides it. I guess girls are kinda used to it, if they haven't found their "perfect" protection for their period, so it's kinda common to see this from time to time.
    Although it's kinda 90's style... so not that fashionable. But who knows... maybe it will be "in" in some time again, since fashion is kind of repeating itself.

    Otherwise I also didn't came up with another idea. It's nearly impossible to get it dry in a fast time and except changing, I can't think of that much.
    The only other thing, I did once, is running in the next best store and buying a really cheap skirt/short jeans and change it directly after purchasing. It's not that much of a biggie mostly, some people also do this with shoes, i.e. wearing them directly.
    However, they're full of chemicals, mostly, since mostly you should wash them before wearing them.

    In the end, it comes down to simply "know" how much anything can take, and if you're IC, how much you've been drinking over the last hours and well.. how much you tend to "lose" over time. Especially if these are quite big amounts. Perhaps also checking from time to time/rather often, if you're not used to it.
    As already mentioned... trial and error, kind of.

    Stay dry ;)...

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    I leaked once...and it was probably the worst kind lol because I didn't realize until I got home and took my pants off, only then finding those two tell-tale wet spots on the back of my pants lol. I had no idea how long I was walking around with them there. But at that point I wasn't really embarrassed because any "damage" that had been done was already done. Just made a mental note to use more caution. It's also worth noting I was wearing a Depend that says a lot lol.

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