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    So as the title suggests I am a returning member. Due to breaking up with my partner I didn't really get the opportunity or time to be on here so please accept my apologies.

    But about me now, well I live with a housemate so nappy wearing is a bit more available now. He works 9-5 so I can wear on my days off which is good ! Sometimes I will sleep in a nappy and too be honest, it is the most secure and comforting thing I have ever experienced. I seem to sleep so much better!

    Over the past couple of weeks I have opened up to 3 girls about my nappy wearing! Since I split with my ex, I have become so much more open-minded and honest with people. A dangerous game I know, sometimes I think i'm walking a tightrope. All 3 girls took it amazingly, all with a bit of intrigue. A shame none of them are potential girlfriend material!

    I wasn't the most active person in the community when I was here, but I intend to comment a bit more and get involved. I have a couple of profiles on various other sites which I get involved in as well.

    The other thing is, I love writing abdl stories, generally involving myself as the nappied character and various female characters throughout my life. The main issue is I start writing them, and then lose interest halfway through. So at the minute I have like 30 stories on the go!! Bear with me, I may finish at least one someday!

    Any questions, feel free to message me. I am a very open-minded character!

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    Nice work. Glad to hear it went well. I just got back myself; turned 18.

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