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    Red face Starting With Diapers

    I am a young male, 135 lb, and 29 inch waist
    I am not interested in AB, I just got a diaper fetish.
    I have been craving about diapers since I got out of night time diapers around the age of 6
    I have read allot on the internet and around 2 years ago @ the age of 17
    I accepted that I was interested in diapers, before all the info
    I found on the internet I was horrified by the desire to wear diapers,
    not since I didn't like diapers but since I thought I was the only one with these "problems"
    I have never really tried anything, since I lived with my parents.
    I now got my own apartment and I really want to wear/use diapers,

    My main question is for a good diaper website that delivers in the netherlands
    If I should use Small, or Medium, (general speaking)
    Also I have read about plastic pants to keep everything secure, especialy @ night.

    Where could I buy those, and which are good.

    I can spend around 150 euro, +/- 200$ to start with a decent stock and products,

    Any tips 4 a starting DL, would be welcome.

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    I'm sure one of the Nederlandisch posters will chime in with the info you need, but not to let the thread die I can suggest Goodnites/Drynites that should be readily obtainable at any supermarket - they allow for being discreet enough to wear under clothes and can help you perfect your wetting technique, just a suggestion as a stop-gap until you work out logistics of purchasing your ideal diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puderzucker View Post
    If I should use Small, or Medium, (general speaking)
    You're right between sizes. I'm 28 inch waist, ~125 pounds, and medium feels large on me. It's hard to find plastic backed smalls (molicare is the only manufacture I know of for those), but luckily you'll fit in a medium. Just experiment with getting the tapes right (generally the top tapes will nearly touch in the middle, run the bottom tapes underneath and along the leg openings about an inch away from the edge).

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