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Thread: Does anyone own one of these Yuyun/Fuubuu AIO diapers?

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    Default Does anyone own one of these Yuyun/Fuubuu AIO diapers?

    FuuBuu 2043-Incontinence Washable Adult Baby SNAP Diapers Washable Adult Diapers 2042-2043-2044

    The picture looks good, does anyone have any experience with this particular diaper?

    I am curious about trying a washable type AIO diaper as opposed to disposables. I live in a house with others so the only time I get to enjoy wearing is at night when I'm alone in my room or when everyone is out. It can get annoying having to hide disposables, and throwing them away can be tricky too as I have to use a public bin. I'm thinking it would be a lot easier if I could just have one reusable diaper to hide, use when I get the chance and then wash it when I'm in the shower.

    The idea of a big bulky cloth diaper or having to use plastic pants doesn't really appeal to me. I get excited by a cozy and secure looking diaper that looks 'neat', if that makes any sense!

    This style also looks quite appealing...

    and also... Cuddlz all in one adult baby padded nappy diaper vecro fastening in white -

    Any recommendations or thoughts on this style of diaper as opposed to disposables?

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    I wear AIO diapers (not this brand) and washing them is a time cousuming ordeal that you will never find the time for if your sharing a place with others whom you wish not to know of your diaper wearing. one diaper would never get you by either. it take a regular wash time then about double the drying time for AIO's

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    Basically, if you have to share housing and you want to keep your wearing private, you're not going to be able to deal with cloth diapers.

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    From what I've heard and read any AIO cloth diaper with a PVC outer cover isn't the best. They can't be dried in a dryer and are hard to air dry. The outer cover also has a
    tendancey to break down. I wear a Dependeco AIO diaper that has a PUL liner that can be dryed in a dryer or air dried. You do have to wear plastic pants with these diapers
    as the outer cover does get damp. Here's a link for these diapers. Monika does ship internationaly but I would email her to find out the rates.

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    i have the velcro versions,
    Attachment 17065
    i wouldn't recommend them as a diaper on their own nor if they're to be depended upon as their absorbancy is woeful and they leak very easily.
    that said, they are quite pretty and easy to fit; if i use them, it's as an outer (over a disposable) and only in summer (when leaks aren't such a big issue).

    they look good, they feel good, but they aren't much use on their own.

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