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Thread: 4 New pokemon released for X&Y

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    Default 4 New pokemon released for X&Y

    I don't know if this has already been posted, but I just thought I'd share in case it hasn't.

    There have been 4 new pokemon released recently, as seen here: Four New Pokémon Make CoroCoro Appearance for Pokémon X & Y - 3DS News @ Nintendo Life

    There have also been other details released, such as new moves, and some basic character customization details.

    I for one am pumped for this game, I cannot wait to play it. The character customization sounds promising, but I also really like the new pokemon designs and can't wait to see more!

    How do you feel about the new designs? Also, if you're a Gen 1 fanboy, please don't comment just to say "every generation except #1 sucks"; That really doesn't add anything to the discussion.

    So, what does everyone think? Do you like the new designs? Think gamefreak should change anything else about the game? Do you like the fact that it will be 3d and based in an environment that emulates Europe/France?


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    Heh , I'm a Gen 1 fangirl, so this is.....!!!!! Just kidding. It's just hard to remember 650 pokémon.

    No I'm actually excited, so I'll gonna play it in the end, tho I'm still kinda unused to the design since b/w.
    But it will be great, especially the chara costumization, I imagine.

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    Im digging the panda design a lot...that said i don't really care for the other ones. Its cool how you can ride pokemon now though.

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    While I was a bit taken back by my first look at the designs, I will admit that I really like all of them.

    Fletchling is my favourite out of all of them. For one thing, I like how they've decided to go with a robin for the new first-bird line (at least, that's what I think it is...) Also I love how it is apparently so cute and sings happily, but can go into bouts of rage when in battle; I just love it. What with it knowing Flame Charge, a move that can has only been assigned to Fire Pokemon (Blitzle line being the exception), I have a sneaking feeling that its 'possible' evolutions will be Fire/Flying....AWESOME~

    Panchum is also pretty neat, what with it being the only other panda Pokemon outside of Spinda. At least Panchum looks MORE like a panda. Also, making it a fighting type was pretty good, too. Although, I really wish people would cut it out with the Kung-Fu Panda jokes...

    Helioptile is a cute little thing, especially how it has a cowardly personality. Like with Fletchling, I already have some thoughts about its possible evolutions, such as the possibility of it evolving into a frilled neck lizard (as an Aussie, I seriously hope that is true ^^)

    Gogoat is badass, no question about it. I dunno why, but Pokemon based on hooved animals just seem so awesome. His face has a nice design, and I like the fact that you can LITERALLY ride him in the game. I'm beginning to wonder whether or not you can do that with other Pokemon in the games...

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    I'm wondering what else is going to be revealed soon? Apparently on May 19 (Sunday) there is going to be some more information revealed by the company during an appearance on the show "Smash". Not really sure if it will just be a repeat of the information that was revealed to us earlier this week, or if they might go so far as to even reveal Sylveon's type etc. Could be interesting, and I'm definitely keeping up on every little detail.

    Edit: I have to agree with jagged about my initial feelings about these 4 new pokemon. At first the only one I particularly liked was Gogoat, but now I like them all (On the edge about pancham though, his signature move interests me) , at first I hated helioptile, but seeing him in battle piqued my interest. I can definitely see me adding him to my team at some point. Also, an Unreliable source has leaked information that helioptile may not have an evolution, but again, this is info that hasn't been confirmed or denied.

    I like Fletchling too, it might actually be a bird type pokemon that makes it onto my in game team. I've always found flying types to be lackluster, and thus have never used one in game or competitively. They never really pique my interest, but this one could probably make me change my mind. Only time will tell.

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