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Thread: Really Funny/Wierd/Crazy Dream I Had

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    Cool Really Funny/Wierd/Crazy Dream I Had

    Sorry if this is sloppy, I just woke up and minutes afterwords trying to remember details.
    Mods, if you think this should be moved, please do so.

    I had this dream last night. It's wierd how long it seemed to last, and how I can actually remember the big events. So anyways, it starts out in my room (I was 12 in my dream) and me and my best friend, let's just call him Wayde, are talking. (In the dream, he knows I wet the bed and wear diapers for it, but he doesn't in real life) We get bored so we decide to head to the store to do random crap. We go and I have my normal jeans, T-shirt, and other normal stuff, and a wet diaper hidden underneath. I ask him to buy me a bag of diapers. So he grabs some kind of store brand "sleep underwear" crap, kind of what I was wearing IRL. So here are a couple 12-year-olds alone in a supermarket, a bag of diapers in one's hand, talking about fun pranks and stuff. So after that, there's some 7-year-old who asks me "Where did you come from" or some other stupid question in a "I'm a brat who thinks he is in power of everyone" kind of tone. So I take my pants off and start twerking at him (Not in a pedophile way, but jokingly) so I go over to his dad to do it to him. Wayde is laughing so he puts on a diaper and we twerk at people at the store. After a bunch of twerking, we run off to a small room. For some reason, everyone else is wearing diapers. So we're all jumping around in soggy wet diapers and I notice one kid* is just sitting, rubbing his pants. So we're jumping around, and that kid is saying he pooped his pants (In an "LOL DUDE GUESS WHAT I JUST DID" kinda voice). So I see brown on the bottom of his blue sweatpants and I go "Aw, gross, he just shit without a diaper!" or something like that so everyone's going "Aw", "Ew", "Disgusting", and other stuff. So I say "Bro, go away, you're not even wearing a diaper!" so he quickly leaves. Afterwards, I ask some lady/thing/robot or whatever it was how to get out. So she says either the door or some other way that would get us seen. So my brain decides the dream is getting too fun and says "Having fun? Fuck you!" and I wake up. It's crazy how I could remember so many details while others were forgotten in a normal dream.
    *His sister told me he poops a diaper in school, which is probably why he was in it and he was the one to shit his pants.
    So has anyone else gotten such a crazy dream?

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    I remember some DL dreams in my past. Our subconcious is a [female dog] sometimes.

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