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    I dont know if this is the correct section for this, but i was wonderinf if someone else does this...
    I play a game called League of Legends, there are some champions that are from a race called yordles, all of them look Like stuffed animals :p There are 2 that i like specially, one is called teemo and the other lulu.
    There someone pleople that acts silly when play taht game, they take the role of the champion, joke in a way realted to the champion background or aspect, "insult" and play in the same way :P

    When I play those two champion, I Do that, and people csay " are you a baby?", " stop acting like a kid" , etc :P They think it is an insult, and tehere are some other that act the same and talk to you in the same way xD Ist hilarious, does someone else do that, or is just me ? :P

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    Can I ask what exactly you say when playing these champs?

    I understand what you mean how others act as if they are the champ themselves in game. I've seen many and are truely funny and entertaining. Also funny seeing people relate teemo as the spawn of satan lol so much love and hate for that champ.

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