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Thread: Which Abena should I choose?

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    Default Which Abena should I choose?

    I am looking at buying some Abena diapers. I have not worn one before but have heard they are a great diaper. I am trying to decide between the Super (M2), the Extra (M3) or Original X-Plus (M4). I will mainly use the abenas for road trips. The tip is around seven hours. I plan on drinking a 12 oz soda and a 24 oz water bottle so I need good absorbency. I am not too worried about discreteness. Price is also a factor so if I can get by with an M2 or M3 which are cheaper that would be great. I will be wearing a size medium if that helps. Also, if you have recommendations on the best place to buy them from, please let me know. I am looking to get a package rather than a case.

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