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Thread: Hey everyone.

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    Default Hey everyone.

    Hokay, So...

    I'm MassTb, though I'm not a tb anymore, I'm kinda used to the name. Oh well.

    I'm 20/m/mn, though I'm from Massachusetts, I go to college in Minnesota 9 months of the year, so I just say I'm from there. I know ALOT of ab/dls in person back in Mass, but very few out here in Mn, so if you're around here, gimmie a shout!

    About me, I'm a fairly easy going guy, enjoy sitting around and conversing, maybe with a beer in hand, but not too much. I was recruited to play football for my school on a full scholarship, but due to some recent medical problems not related to football, I have to hang up my pads. I enjoy snowboarding more than anything else, and shooting pool comes in a very close second.

    I coach a pee wee (11-12 year olds) hockey team, who is currently undefeated, by the way I'm very active in community service and stuff like that, as well as a practicing non-denominational Christian.

    Pleased to be here! I got fed up with the Nazi-like censorship of db, and a good friend of mine, whom I won't name (Jay...) referred me here. Looks good so far!


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    Welcome to our community masstb!

    I hope that you enjoy it here, and hope to see you posting around!

    EDIT: I did not notice this until a day later but you are christian and so am I, but the neat thing is we both consider ourselfs non-dominational!!! Thats pretty sweet, look forward to chatting sometime.
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    Do you use that same name on the DPF chat? If so, I've talked to you ages ago

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    Hello, and welcome...back! I remeber your name from TBDL, but don't really remember you as being a very active user. So maybe you can make up for that this time
    Oh, and we don't do Nazi-like censorship. Just don't post any memes and exercise common sense when posting, but we don't delete opposing opinions (unless they're presented in an offensive way).

    And now...have fun (and don't leave any puddles )


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    Hey fellas,

    Yea, I was MassTb on dpf back in the olden days. I still hang around there from time to time when I'm very bored.

    And about Tbdl, it's not the I wasn't a very active user, I only posted in threads that I had something to say in, rather that talking about things I don't know about, or have no interest in.

    Same will probably hold true here, but from the looks of it, I'll be posting alot more!


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    I know you but you probably do not recognize my name at the moment, you probably know me as FullMetal. Anyway, welcome to the site!

    -The Sun-

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    Yo! Welcome to ADISC :'D

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    Like I said in the other post, I'm still fairly new as well, but welcome you just the same. =D


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    hey MTB welcome 2 adisc!
    hope 2 see you @ the new years party!
    ~ will

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