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    I'm not sure if i am a 100% diaper lover, but what i do know is, that i'm from norway, and i hope i'm not alone. I'm not sure if i even like diaper that much to be called a diaper lover, but i'm not a TB/AB. I have made "fake diapers" and peed a little on them, but only once in a weekend.

    I'm trying to live as normal as possible, therefore i don't have as much pictures of diaper or other stuff. I'm very into gaming (videogames) and i'm also a smasher. (a person playing super smash bros), so if you play alot of brawl, maby we should have a match or something?

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    Hi amon! (reminds me of hey mon! from a jamican guy or something haha)

    Do not feel alone, because your not. I and many others here started out making makeshift/homemade diapers and using them. It is how a lot of us got into diapers. If you spend some time here and read around the threads and make some posts, with in good time you will soon figure out yourself.

    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    That's the way I used to feel and then I decided wtf, why not eh. Do what feels good to you. I used to have a gamecube and play smash bros. I only play guitar hero now like all my other clones though.

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    i am so into brawl right now. i hate the internet though, the codes stink. i would love to play againsed you, i've been looking for a good training buddy. i'm going to join a tournament in the spring/summer, and i wan't to be at the top of my game.

    also, it really doen't matter if you don't like diapers, you perfectly welcome here. there are a few active members that arn't into infantilism at all, but still come for their friends.

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    Little or huge interest in diapers you're quite welcome all the same.

    Maybe we could arrange a Brawl game sometime. I love it, and we are in the same time zone (GMT+1?) which would help.

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    welcome Amon. You are not alone, and diapers seem pretty normal around here.

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