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Thread: Extending smaller diapers to your size

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    Default Extending smaller diapers to your size

    Has anyone played around with extending the wings to reach the tapes? I snagged a bag of wonderfully crinkly plastic diapers, and wouldn't you know it, they're in Youth size.

    I thought I could stretch the front wings a bit but I had to stop before I ended up ripping it.

    My next idea was to cut a couple of squares from a white kitchen bag and super-glue them to the ends. Even then the tapes might be too far back to secure properly. Thoughts?

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    Some diapers (especially pull-ups) are designed to stretch and other are not. I have had a few diapers rip cause the stretch too far. You just have to find the right ones.

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    Well, the easiest thing would be to use up two diapers at a time: Cut the back wings off of one diaper and tape them to the front of another, thus extending the front wings of the second diaper. You might be able to use the now-maimed first diaper as a booster.

    Or, talking of pull-ups: Get some packing tape, and put a couple pieces near the edges of both the front and back wings for reinforcement. Then safety-pin a short piece of elastic between the front and back wings on both sides, e.g. from some murdered underwear. Then pull up your pull-up!

    Or punch holes in the packing tape, get shoelaces, and lace it up both sides like a diaper-corset.

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    "Extenders" were a hot topic here before the pre-eighteen purge. There are many options for the many diaper types out there. You say you have plastic and those are easy as they use sticky tapes for closure. Back in the day when could get and use them I used duct tape stuck to the inside of the front, stretched towards the back about 6" and doubled over it's self sticky to sticky and on to the outside of the front. Do both sides. The sticky tapes from the rear sheet go on the duct tape extenders.. For "clothlike" I used jock strap waistband elastic with a bit of the tape landing area from an old diaper hot melt glued at one end and a tab glued to the other, their better than duct tape on plastic because you can reuse them many times. The end result either way is a bit "thong like" but most good baby diapers will hold more pee than cheep adult ones.
    Have Fun!

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