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    We all know what diapers are top notch as Abena, Bambino, Drycare, and so on.Well I've been wondering for a little while is beside the top tier of diapers that we all love, what are some of the diapers out there that are on the cheap side that also performs well.

    We all know what Depend is like, they are readily bought everywhere and don't need a discussion about those.

    This discussion is to find a hidden treasure that no one really raves about. If you see a review that needs to be posted, (no large retail store brands such as Walgreens or etc.) Try giving your best impressions of them including pros and cons.

    Please also post about brands that you dislike and give descriptions about why you don't like them. I'd like to make this a resource guide.

    I'll start out with Absorbs by Medline.

    They are a cloth backed diaper with a unique blue color that I like, but that pretty much is probably the best attribute that I like about these diapers.

    The capacity is rather low and it feels soupy when it is wet. Also when sitting I can feel the urine being pressed out and can actually feel a rather large amount of urine being squeezed out kind of like when you wring out a towel. Even when not at capacity it feels wet and you can pinch the padding and see liquid coming from the padding.

    There are leg gatherers and they make a decent fit. The Velcro tabs are ok but they have sharp corners that actually broke my skin. I notice with a small void that it does eventually wick to a rather large area over time but the press out its still noticeable.

    They are thin and for a cloth backed diaper, they are pretty noisy. Another thing that I noticed is that they leak when rolled up. They just don't actually hold the urine it seems like.

    Overall they are made to be worn for a couple of hours and I don't really like these beyond the color. The wet feeling after a small void just makes it terrible. You think it would be able to hold at least 10 oz without leaking our feeling wet, but it doesn't.

    Absorbs by Medline final grades:

    Look: 2.5/5
    Capacity: 1/5
    Fit: 2/5
    Comfort: 1/5

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    Covidien Wings Choice from a thrift store, possibly liquidated stock

    Came in a clear bag so I could see they were indeed diapers.

    Plastic backed! Though the plastic was more an almond color

    The 4 tapes were Velcro and adhesive

    There was no size indicator so with my 34" waist the tapes ended up landing at least 2" onto the padding on each side, and they rode rather high. I had to tuck 4" or so of front waistband

    Reasonably thick. Didn't bulge much more than a Goodnite, the crinkle could be heard from across the room

    Held 4 wettings but leaked slightly, possibly due to operator error.

    Slightly loose gathers allowed for 'easy access' in an 'excitable state'

    Despite their larger size they could be taped up tight, though on 2 occasions a tape ripped from its base

    Look: 3.5/5
    Capacity: 4/5
    Fit: 3.5/5
    Comfort: 4/5

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    Nightengale extra came from a thrift store in anniston alabama, they were plastic backed i think blue in color smelled like pvc pipe or the inside of an electrical wire coating plant. I seem to remember them being very comfortable and fairly absorbent or so i thought at the time as this was way before i was introduced to abena,molicare,etc anyway i bought a pack for 4 bucks (12) went to the car and changed into one and went back and bought the other 6 packages they had based only on comfort and fit though they were better than depends,attends and tena that are sold in the usa they are a far cry from the dry24/7,abenaL4 and bambinos im using now.

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    Discreet Fit Pants from Wilkinsons

    I tried these out as a 'Oh, these are cheap!'; to learn they were very cheap for a reason.

    The look of these are plain white, and fairly thin. The waist is an odd scrunched/elasticated rim right down the pad itself.

    Capacity of these are just darn awful. The site advertises them as 'Ultra thin pants with premium absorbency'. Yes they were plenty thin, but wouldn't even hold one full wetting without leaking. Despite this, the feeling of wetness wasn't too bad up until it starts to leak.

    Fit of these were a bit strange. Not sure if because they were too big or it's a general thing. It covered everything it needed to, and was tight enough around the thighs. On the other hand, because of the elasticated waist, they easily just fell down without putting on a pair of boxers over the top.

    Comfort of these were pretty good - you can nearly forget you have them on until you wet it. After wetting it's heavy, it sags and because of leakage, slightly uncomfortable in that respect.

    Overall these were - you you get what you pay for. They're ok if you were to leak a little bit, but don't count on them for lounging around for hours with multiple wettings.

    Look: 1/5
    Capacity: 1/5
    Fit: 2/5
    Comfort: 2/5

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    Worst diapers I ever changed on any of my adult babies had to of been the wings diapers. It's like a piece of plastic covered by a piece of paper with tapes on it basically. I know why they even bother to manufacture the type of diaper is going to be like that. Just my two cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indianamommy View Post
    ...the wings diapers...
    I agree they're not great, but back in the '90s they used to have a really nice scent to them. Haven't bought any since so I don't know if they still do.

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    I've never not leaked in a wings plastic backed diaper. Better results with their clothlike backing. Still, I prefer these mid level Molicare diapers that are $50.89 for a case of 90. The unfortunate thing is they feel falsely wet, if that makes sense. Decent diapers though. Haven't leaked in 34 of them. Lol

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    It's been a long time since I diapered anyone using Red Wings diaper. When did they ever get around to improving them? I diapered one of my babies and one in February 1997. The diaper was very thin, very papery, and looked and felt like it would not be very comfortable against his skin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indianamommy View Post
    It's been a long time since I diapered anyone using Red Wings diaper. When did they ever get around to improving them? I diapered one of my babies and one in February 1997. The diaper was very thin, very papery, and looked and felt like it would not be very comfortable against his skin.
    They're very uncomfortable.

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